Wednesday, September 16, 2009


U.S Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, A Socialist/ Marxist Fan, Shows America Her Racist-Socialist Side.

Dear Maxine:

Woman to woman, I thought I should write - you are making our gender look bad.

A thought about false charges of racism coming from your crowd of "useful idiots:" It seems as if all of you have had a lot of practice with the R word. I think you are hanging out with the wrong crowd. You know what they say about laying down with dogs and getting fleas.

Now why did you go and claim that my fellow Americans are racists? Shame! You know they don't want to become numb-witted, baby-killing, girl/girl, man/man loving communists or socialists. So what's with the racist name-calling? It makes you look like you have something to hide. I hope you and the President didn't cook this racial stuff up to stir up old troubles. He is in enough Do-do with his little ACORNS acting out like the thugs they are. Maxine we are not kids anymore, we know that words can stir up a hornet's nest.

We both know that as a result of your crowd's incendiary suggestions, a lot of innocent people can get hurt. Saying Americans don't trust Obama because he is black is foolish. In the first place he isn't Black, he is half 'n half, like black coffee with cream in it. As I write this, it occurs to me that the primary color of racism has changed from white to black. As I see it, Maxine, you, are wearing the mantle of racism, and have been for a very long time.

Was that foam I saw in the corner of your mouth as you were talking to the Oil barons on YouTube? Distemper is a serious illness, you might want to be checked out, just to be sure everything is OK, but first meet with Obama's people, so they can advise you on how to write one of those: "Don't resuscitate" forms.

I am surprised you don't know what a real racist is. You have engaged in racism for so many years, one would think you had it down pat. Let me help you out here. First, racists are irrationally one-sided in their thinking. They don't see cause and effect. As I see it, the folks at the town hall meetings and the hundreds of thousands of my fellow Americans that marched in Washington D.C. were/are fed up with bureaucrats and politicians of all stripes who have played a significant role in the loss of their retirements, savings, investments, homes, and jobs etc.

As individuals, no one was listening with good effect to "We the People." Desperate, the folks did what most reasonable people do: they got together to impress upon your fellow bullies and power brokers that you are not functioning as the people's representatives, but are more a group of tyrants. Since you and the President think the folks acted inappropriately, and racially, I must ask who is irrational here? Remember, irrationality is the hallmark of what? Say it slowly: a R-A-C-I-S-T.

As you know, past or present, true racists are known by the company they keep, their bullying tactics, the ideology they try to shove down other's throats, and they have a demonstrable tendency to paint with a broad brush, as in EVERY black is ... or EVERY white is... and so on.

RACISTS are not found in the defensive or complaining mode, as in the Citizen's March to Washington, on 9/12. One is not a racist for shouting a warning for the people, from the People's House. The words, "You Lie! made a certain Congressman the equivalent of Paul Revere. This time we learned that the enemy was not about to arrive, he was in our midst, insulting then questioning the integrity of some in Congress. In fact, he called them liars by way of the back door. He, the liar, was the President of the United States, and was acting like a typical political party hack. You know all about that from what I have seen on C-span.

Calling a liar out in public takes some guts and is a tad reactionary, but it is not the act of a racist. A little emotionality is expected in wartime. And we are at war. Calling out a liar is reasonable when the nation is at risk. On the other hand, RACISTS dominate power.

Racists are essentially cowards.  Hit-and-runners, they attack, lie, attack, lie, alternatively to distract. I didn't observe any cowards at the Town Hall Meetings or in Washington. As for my hero, Congressman Joe Wilson: he was justifiably reacting from a point of fact and truth. God bless him for his act of courage.

Socialist/Marxist Racism is alive and well in America, Maxine, but its Primary colors have changed from white to black. If you don't believe me, listen to yourself speak from a position of power, as you rant at a white American businessman. You not only threatened him but the rest of us, too.

You and others trouble me, girl. I know the likes of you from another era. You made it to the top of the racist trash heap, babe, and you're showing how BAD you can be.

Please stop with the venom. You are exposing the REAL you and that can't be good for the gang of Fem-girls, the Congress or the President, all of whom, through third parties, urge on the snarling hounds of war. Quit snarling and barking. We know that Obama's ACORN, with your help, have stolen a good deal of our national treasure and votes. The gigs up. You're spitting into the wind and it just might fly back at you.

So we, the bullied, are racists according to your allies! Cute! Reminds me of the movies, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest and The Omen. Quit with obfuscation and propaganda. You and your ilk have bamboozled long enough and are an embarrassment to our gender. We are on to you.


An American mother, grandmother and former Civil Rights worker