Friday, March 19, 2010

Vatican II's Twisted Tree and Rotten Fruit: Supressing the Message of Fatima part nine

It is said that Satan was allowed to cull and destroy Christ's Church as much as possible.  His success has been breathtaking and this is his final battle. Still, many fight on for Mother Church, her priests and her faithful flock. 

One significant voice among few has spoken on behalf of our Lady and her message from God.  Bless you Father Gruner. We are with you in prayer, action and treasure.

Pray with fervor for our priests.  If they are lost, so are we.

Take time to listen to Father's interview on radio about the third secret of Fatima.  It is compelling and a necessary boost to recover any faith you have lost.

For those who never had faith, Father's example, dedication and simple love for our Lady's own loyalty is a wonderful gift, and will serve to refresh those who came into a godless world without hope of obtaining the armor of sanctifying grace.

Father Gruner's faith reminds us that God forgives those who repent and turn back to Him. Our blessed Mother, Mary, has fought hard for us.  It is a pity to deny her solice for the lost sheep.

CF [a sinner]


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