Friday, March 26, 2010


More coming to America

Comrade Students it is Time to Put the Old Guard to Sleep They Have Outlived Their Usefulness.  The great O wants them to shut-up.

This is what Rep. Dingell Michigan's 15th Congressional District Really Wants to Achieve

"To control the people"

In his own words

And then there is Rep. (impeached judge) Alcee Hastings

"To Break the Rules by Denying There Are Any"

In his own words

And then there is full metal jacket, liberal, Maxine Waters, spilling the beans

We Socialists will take over your companies

In her own words

And who was watching all the while along with the communists?

El Rushbo!

And then there is Glenn Beck and Ben Stein

Blast! Too Big to Fail

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


 [Ya think]?

By Clotilde Frazier c 2010
Non commercial art illustrations copyright protected 2010

These 40 days for Life people are despicable baby loving busybodies who believe in fairytales.  Children, they obfuscate. Don't believe a word they say. Listen to my true tale about Karl Marx.  Forget he had a family.  If he had lived today, he would have been a single, wink, wink, radical environmentalist.  Would I lie to you?

Once upon a time Karl Marx dreamed of  a classless society, but knew it would be hard to create, due to heterosexual lust and lack of creativity. He was a good, brilliant, but frustrated married man. Marriage is soo passe today . 

In two laborious days he created a plan designed to create theoretical boxes, into which people would be assigned  if they thought too much, and didn't conform to his safe view of things.

It is never good to think.  Conformity, on the other hand, creates good Worker Bee teams. 

They say that God created the world in seven days.  Marx created his in two days.  Now THAT is a miracle.
To fight our enemies, we must know them. Your homework assignment is to read the Black Book of Communism. It is filled with lies, nothing but lies. Take my word for it [I wouldn't con you]. You must learn how the enemy thinks and misleads through obfuscation.  Unlike our foes, we speak truth, convenient or not. We never mislead, as do  the 40 days for Life cretins. They are soo heterosexually conventional and useless. We, on the other hand are very unconventional - useful - anarchist/communists. 

That aside: stupid, trouble-making, freedom-lover, capitalist-liars, and bad former communists falsely claim the BBC book is a blueprint on how  to kill God-loving people, who [tragically] respect and love life! 

We on the other hand want to die for the State, don't we children? Death is so environmentally friendly and progressive. To die for the state: now that is true love.  I can't wait for the day when I take my own Logan's Run and am extinguished.  Poof into air - just like that.  On the other hand, I can choose to go with less fan-fare and be made into Soylent Green food.  Did I tell you I belong to the Church of Euthanasia? Its four pillars are: Suicide, Abortion, Cannibilism, and Sodomy.

It is wonderful to be useful. Just like the despicable heterosexual's unborn waste material: their brains are sucked out and used for experimentation and stem cell research. Their useful body parts replace defective organs in others.  Their disposal has given rise to a useful industry all over the world.  Jobs and money - we always need them.

The fact that the 40 Days for Life fools resist such grand usefulness is proof of their group defect.  I digress - forgive me.  Back to the Black Book of Communism.

You will be tested on the book's contents. Those who fail their test will be consigned to reeducation camps in North Korea. Don't worry -  the beatings aren't all that bad.  SMS  and starvation diets help to take off unwanted, unhealthy pounds. Our beloved First Lady, Michele, approved the weight-loss program. 

Those scoring in the "C" range will be sent to China as community volunteers.  They will help our fellow communists to clean up after the recent violent, red dust- storm that was created from too much CO2 pollution [all caused by America]. Ignore those that want to blame it on those dams our dear comrades have built. 

Former Vice President, Al Gore, will organize the project.  I know, I know, he is a bore, but we need his repetitous regurgitations to keep you numbed, uh, I mean focused; remember, no thinking allowed and always use the inverse when deflecting inconvenient facts. 

 As our great "O" pro-exterminator leader, Obama, tells us: use the pro-choice mantra, "Forty Days for Death," during the great Satan's high unholy days.  I love inversions don't you? 

As the great "O" said, root out the pro-lifers - "get in their faces" and shout  our Pledge of Allegiance: "From each according to his ability to each according to his need" [excluding of course unborn heterosexual useful unborn waste]. If anyone asks why there isn't a clear concept of a middle class  - obfuscate!