Saturday, October 3, 2009




Note: this post was made earlier and was lost and found. Here it is again.

Dear Mr. Prager:

It is important to think for ourselves. Tuesday, you said it was unfair to judge President Obama before listening to his address (words) to the children of the U.S. You called for fairness, implying that your contemporaries were unfair because they wanted to stop a revolutionary President from a take-over of the public school system. Fairness: is that akin to tolerance?

Bishop Sheehan once said that "Americans have grown so tolerant that they tolerate evil." One never knows with you. Your pressure-cooked insistence that we Americans should stupidly allow our Marxist-loving president to address the Nation's ill-informed students is troublesome and presents me with a get-in-your-face moment. Results loving, I am a: "Don't talk of love - show me," person.

Your defense of President Obama was more in keeping with a high school basketball coach and shows a significant insensitivity or indifference to our dangerous times. It would be understandable if you were ignorant, however, you are informed, maybe a little touched, but smartly so. 

Obama's  presentation before the Nation's (captive) students and their secular handlers, was intended to be an enlistment, brainwashing session. How do I know this?  I follow the facts and listen carefully to our President, especially since I see him as an adversary.

Just what do you want to hear from his lips?  He has demonstrated that he is in the process of taking over the country.  Again, how do I know this? He said he would, the signs are there, and I can still add. 

What do you think he meant when he said he would T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M the country?  What do you think he meant when he said he wanted to create a civilian army?  Are we to assume that the only "fair" thing to do is allow him to succeed? I love my children and grandchildren. I don't want them to have to face down paid bullies who will lead us to History's garbage bin.

 I had posted  a comparison picture of the Obama Brigades, hoping to cause you to think critically about this  President's Master Plan, and the darn thing disappeared.  I was ready to give up, but I remembered our troops were being blown-up like sitting ducks and said, "Self, you cannot be wimpy when they are dying and suffering."   

Speaking of the military: they have their lives before them, as do the children in our schools. I have a question: if revolutionary personalities frequently use children as future cannon fodder, why would you want to be "fair" and give a radical revolutionary like, President Obama, a national forum from which he can propagate  lies through folksy words?  Eveyone knows he is just a down-home-folks kind of nice guy. Right? If you believe that, or want to, you're not my kind of talk-show host.

It pains me to think about the useful who are making it possible for Obama to seed his lies, like a malevolent shade of Johnny Appleseed.  Youth are easy pickings and sometimes rapidly used up. Young armies, of the kind President Obama disclosed he desires, should be told that their desirability lies in the fact that they are easily formed, controlled and exterminated.

You are something of a Historian, Mr. Prager.  You know that  "Final Solutions" are created to deal with undesirables and used-up idiotic followers, all of whom find permanence in mass graves, firing squads, beheadings etc. Do you think that totalitarian leaning leaders know what "fair" is? Is this what you want for our youth?  Of course not; you are, after all, a "fair" man.  How do I know?  You say so, over and over again, and I am a good listener.

 It is down-right perplexing to me that you ignored the expose` prior to the day the President addressed the children.  You know, the one that disclosed el Presidente Obama had lesson plans aka (Core Curriculum) ready to impose on teachers and the kids, just like Fidel Castro's youthful Pioneers aka (future bullies). This old lady's blood pressure must have gone up by ten as you prattled on about being "fair."

I am not telling you anything that you do not know;therefore, it would have been appropriate if you have used the airwaves to shout out a warning, telling parents to empty the schools. Praise for a radical  in a white shirt, who smoothly propagates a false, benign image of  himself, is a little like eating "husks with the swine."

In light of all the fuss, what did Obama say to the students that was so important? Bottom-line: Work hard! You all have talent! The nation needs you! Who could find fault with that? Precisely the point! Who could find fault with those words? But then there were a few troublesome parts about that talk.

 Obama, the narcissist, must always embellish.  I wish he and his wife, Michele, would quit beating us over the head with attempts to prove he is one of us, as he continously campaigns on our dollar. Obama, one of the fallen: (hint at drug use), deserted son, single mother, food stamps, misspent youth, fallen youth, hard times, yawn, again created a false image of poverty, not to be construed with periods of stress that are encountered by most.

Standing before them resurrected, straight and upper-class, what youth would believe Obama to be a Marxist with designs on their souls? It isn't what the President said that was so threatening; it is what he didn't say that raises a cautionary flag. He has a Marxist history and a present (those rascal, nihilist, communist,czars), that should cause us to be alert 24/7.

Frankly, you are a disappointment, Mr. Prager. During your Tuesday talk show, a male caller unsuccessfully tried to pull you back from chasing windmills and indulging in self-reflections. The caller pointed out that children lack the knowledge to discern the difference between a man and his words. Well said (applaud, applaud).

You were morally undone by that comment but you seemed indifferent and inclined to stick to your verbal guns. By the way, I understand that there were brave picketers at the school where Obama spoke.  Their signs reportedly read: "Hands off our Children.   Right on fellow Americans.!  Don't eat husks with the swine, Mr. Prager, it is not good for soul or body.  


A senior citizen and Nana
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