Saturday, October 24, 2009


Watching this, I felt as if I was back in college again where they stifled free expression

To Gore, Obama and Swibach:

We are seeing more and more how some narcissistic liars avoid, obfuscate, bully, etc.   "Anything, but the truth," seems to be your, I mean, their, motto. Too tired to write prose, I am submitting some disconnected thoughts on the matter.

To the MGMers: Can you think of any good reason to kill the free exchange of ideas and speech as they did in the video? No?, neither can I.  I am glad that the God-fearing, "My God - Mercy" crowd is around and will intelligently explore.

Until the sunspots come back, buy sweaters.

How dare you scare the kids, Al Gore, Obama, Swibach et al. You are dishonest, wealthy men.  Well, at least two of you are wealthy. And, you, the so-called scientists: turn in your creditials. No wonder the kids aren't learning. Leave creativity to science-fiction writers. 

Scientists: take turns acting as scientific editors for those esteemed  journals; maybe other views, based on the scientific method,  will replace those coming from the politically correct crowd of (ahem) greedy and indifferent, advanced thinkers. 

As far as CHANGE in weather is concerned:  SL took her children out in a thunderstorm and laughed making her own boom, boom sounds.  Little ones got the message that CHANGE is something you adapt to and they laughed. No fear here. Just to be sure, though, dad built a fall-out shelter that went unused, except when tornadoes reared their ugly funnels.

SL rather liked her mother's version of how to react to CHANGE: "The angels are turning barrels of water over to clean Heaven's floor." Giggle.  SL used it with the boom, boom method to good effect. Moreover, SL's father's warning was heard and respected: "Never build on a flood plain."

You wealthy tricksters are using the chicken littles to have your way. Fie on you! You are the cause of much contrived misery; go away.  We have had enough of your tricksterism. You and your dislike of oil and gas and so-called enlightened use of limited farmland for biofuels are causing famine world-wide. Shame! We the people are getting fed up!

Why do you think so little of poor people and the lower middle-class the world over?  Did you not (duh) figure out that growing fuel, instead of digging for it, would raise food prices and the poor and working poor would suffer as in famine?  Sure you did; you just didn't care. In fact, I believe that you got the idea from the Stalinists who murdered millions that way.  All the better, I suspect, since you tell us that there are too many of the "unwashed masses."

If you believe that there are too many of the unwashed, the little and the poor, build roads, schools and factories, so that they will not have so much time to breed. I have a question: if numbers are an issue for you, why are you giving money to their oppressors?  It only falls into greed's dark hole in an off-shore account.

 I do get it: you want to get rid of the masses, in any amount, so that, you, the wealthy, can control resources and grow even wealthier. You're no better than the Montezuma crowd. I fear for your souls.

Whether it is the triad of Al Gore, B.H. Obama, Mr. hot-on-Marijauna Swibach ( pseudonym), or other combinations of environmentalists, their "high"-effect is the same: they take rights away, including the unborn's God-given rights. Bullies! Vandals! You are uncovered.

Oh, by the way Al, Obama, and Swibach: blow on your wilting plants (air only), they love the carbon dioxide, and don't over-water. It helps. Honest!

In closing: as long as we are accepting pseudo-science in the place of empirical documentation, how about this clarion call: "Save the planet with clean air and lots of Carbon Dioxide!"

Respectfully (sic)


P.S. Mr. Gore are you not a tad disengenuous by failing to disclose your real intent (personal wealth) in the part below? Shame, O guilty one!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Dear MGMers,

Write your representatives and tell them that if they do not stop the practice of referring to our government as a democracy you will vote them out.  In case you missed the event, we crossed into an Oligarchy during the sixties.

The next time you hear a public servant suggest that we should have a more "democratic" form of government by doing away with the Electoral College (Hillary Clinton) Democrat, or want to allow a foreign born citizen to run for President of the US (Warren Hatch) Republican, you need to vote them out.

Anyone who is willing to tinker with the Constitutional Mandate is either an enemy of the people or stupid.  In any case, they need to be gone.

Clotilde Frazier

Monday, October 19, 2009


To the MGMers,

I have been writing about a woman who sounded an alarm and continues to give voice to concerns.   The man in the video is also sounding an alarm. Listen to his voice and be eternally vigilant.

Tell your congressional committee that you have no confidence in President Obama and his fellow communist moles, whom he has placed in the government against the will of the people.

 America, tell this president that he cannot sign this treaty and if he does, he has declared himself to be an enemy of the people. America is not represented by her enemies and the people will never knowingly sign away their sovereignty.

 Remember The Children's Story


Clotilde Frazier

More information below: Glenn Beck's radio interview and a very informative article by Kirsten Lombard. A Must read.