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Catholics in Name Only: Rev. Pfleger's Con and the Gates of Hell

By Clotilde Frazier (c) January 1, 2011

Jesse Jackson's surrogate, Rev. Michael Pfleger's shows that his traitorous misconduct is a call to anarchy and insurrection.   It is a radicalized call, one that is practiced by a costumed, out-of-control Roman Catholic priest. You are being uncharitable you say.  Listen  here  and judge for yourself.  His diatribe is more like Satan's inverse version of the Sermon on the Mount.  Pray for your enemy?  Naw! "Snuff " him out, Pfleger shouts. Pity the poor souls who follow him through hate's gates of hell.

Pfleger is no Roman Catholic priest in any sense of the word. He is a low-level apparatchik and nihilist functionary, may I add coward? hiding behind a Roman collar.  He  promotes the uncatholic idea that race-based good (?) deeds trump Grace. Unfortunately, many other operatives and Liberation-Theologist-radicals, who act out their maladaptive mechanisms  within the church, agree with him.  Why not?  You scratch my back and I'll scratch your back.  Back-scratchers are everywhere, and don't we feel good helping the "White Man's Burden?"

Many like him have made their way into the  sanctum sanctorum after Vatican II (de facto) replaced the Council of Trent. In so doing, the church opened itself to the modern world and heresy.  There are many Pflegers in and out of our religious institutions.  He functions as one of the universal left's generals, whose effect is to inflame and cause pain  by constantly picking the scabs of the sore-wounded.

How did he get where he is?  Answer: through the process of rapprochement (cordial relations) or bipartisanship. Satan sweet talks, then blasts us when we have exhausted our usefulness. But before our downfall we are given honorariums. Evil judiciously uses pride.

Pfleger's  job is to stoke the rhetorical fires  for the coming war against "Whitey" then assure frightened upper level types that he can control things. Like the Mafia bogyman, he assures the chiefs that he has an "in" with the aggrieved and can keep them under control.  

And astoundingly, like all radical Liberationists, he is using Whitey's (Catholic)  money to underwrite the Left's subterranean war against the church.  It is ironic and satanically delicious isn't it?  Think of it, Catholics in name only, you are paying for your own demise. If enemies of the faith weren't so malevolent, one might be tempted to give the godless Left kudos for creativity.  However, this is nasty stuff. And it's like reliving past nightmares.

Thirty-eight years ago, a student talked about his future aspirations: He was filled with vile ambitions and he had a business plan. He was a devotee of Socialist, Adolf  Hitler and discussed his intent to "set up" a church as a means to spread a doctrine of hate.  Puzzled, I asked how he intended to do that.  He explained in detail how many freebies are available if you declare yourself to be a church organization.    Hitler, the Strum crowd, and Stalin etc. would be proud of him. Back to Pfleger.

Is anyone calling out this man?  They are trying, but few recipients are willing to retain  the image of a priest preaching hate. Its too bloody threatening. Recently, Michele Malkin  stepped up to the plate but the enemy within is powerful. By the way, what is a document drop?

I wonder if anyone asked Michael Pfleger what his aspirations were before he abandoned the true church and walked percariously near the notorious gates (portals)  of  hell? And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  Emphasis mine.  While we know that the gates of hell will not prevail, we should have gotten the message that Hell's principal Sifter would engage and win some battles and skirmishes.

Michael Pfleger forgot Christ's  pledge with its implied caveat: that safety against material and spiritual warfare was to be found only within the safe bosom of Christ's true church. All who leave her, malign her, or work to destroy her, will be fodder for the Red Prince. We have to keep our eye on the prize and post true sentinels at the gates, or we may be fooled by clever tricksters.

Will we be totally safe without facing trials?  Hardly. Our Lord told us that the enemy would be within.  Go: Behold I send you as lambs among wolves.  He made that abundantly clear when he said, Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.  So, how will we know Pfleger  from Padre Pio ? By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?   Emphasis mine.

The man Pfleger needs to make things right.  He has brought scandal to those he serves and those who endure in the faith. Our Lord would have us pray for him.  Today, I offered my rosary for his soul. It is easy to pray for enemies. They may, with God's grace, become friends, brothers and sisters. 

How can we help God to right this damaged ark? Just a thought: when our parish priests asked for our prayers, I didn't pray for them. I wondered why would men who were obviously graced need prayers?  In those days, reason lacked knowledge of the cross and the world. Mea culpa, Mea culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

Michael the Archangel, defend our true priests in battle.... 

Source: The Holy Bible  Douy-Rheims Version

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Catholics in Name Only: Obama's Plan for the Catholic Church

True Lay Catholics are Fighting Back

Ever wonder what craziness is going on in the Catholic Church? Take a look here.
Who wants this video gone? Hmm, maybe:

or maybe

Unlike Limbaugh, Alaska's Senator, Lisa Murkowski, wants Obama to succeed and is putting her votes on the line as proof of her fealty. Move over, Lord.  Lisa is going to change the world and the faith. Career trumps the true faith.


Alaska's Back Scratchers

In my view:

 By Clotilde Frazier (c) December 2010.  All rights reserved

Editors note:  This article was evolved from a long-term effort to develop a personality profile. Field tests suggest that it is a very useful theoretical forecasting tool.  Comments below were influenced by my findings.

Formerly brave 'n' bold, defanged independent Alaskans of old have largely faded away and have lost their voting rights franchise.  Predators didn't like the November election's outcomes and decided to change the rules (deconstruct the Republic).

Neighbors, friends and leaders appear to have been significantly out-strategized and replaced by Metro-tacticians who were transplanted from dark regions, where the bully's body politic rules in place of the "Power of One."  I am repulsed! 

Who ARE these bullies  who have absconded with my suffrage rights?  With only seventeen years residency, I feel more like a sourdough than the original, and that includes Lisa Murkowski.  Based on her conduct, she has identified herself as a back-scratching, spoiled  bully. Shame! 

Lisa's bullies, as I call them,  are the state of Alaska's elitist first generation spoiled brats. They reside in native villages and corporate offices, as well as established newcomer cities and towns. They believe that the world owes them a living and a certain level of empowerment.  Their reasoning? They were born in a certain place at a certain time in space. That's reason enough. 

They are often our national/ local politicians and bureaucrats.  They are legion and can charm or bully, depending on which side they awoke on any given day.  They are essentially an avaricious crowd of cowards and need to use each other to avoid detection.

They share a bully's level of moral development, which hinges on a cynical  value system of, "You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours," and are  now known (for the fun of it) by the acronym: YS-MBA-ISY,  pronounced: (Yes'-maba-isy)  people.  It has an Obama inspired musical sense of rhythm to it.   

Unfortunately for mankind, many of us are predatorally compelled to  reside ensconed in the utilitarian level of moral reasoning. 

The back-scratchers live for "SELF," which makes them immoral and myopic troublemakers when they're are functioning from their dark side.

Unfortunately, they tend to hang with each other.  It makes sense. Who would scratch your back, they surmise, if not mutual user-predators and sellouts.  They can't trust power-of-one thinkers.

Math rules don't hold up with back-scratchers.   A negative times a negative doesn't yield a positive in a moral sense. They get along, but  time shows that mutual use wears thin, and becomes an itch in need of a scratch or rub-out; therefore, they need to blackmail each other, just to keep things from getting out of hand.

Speaking of users: the courts and, native corporation hacks have in effect told the rest of us that there is no room in their sandbox for the rest of us.  Why would we want to join them? Joe Miller tried to use logic, and we saw where that got him.  Those who ascribe to a Power-of-One philosophy, and voted in the primaries, in an effort to change the Alaskan sandbox's' "scratch" mentality, are enemies of the totalitarian state. Too bad we found  ourselves on the honest but losing side of the issue. God has His reasons.  

How badly are we affected by back-scratchers? Answer: immensely, even terminally.  Alaska's  recent November election has some aspects of a Greek Tragedy.  There is a difference though. Instead of the demise of a hero or heroine, the nation as a whole has been mortally wounded and even back-scratchers have been caught up in the post election mess. 

Amazingly, Lisa has the gall to tell Alaskans that we want her, while audaciously introducing a sense of the messianic to her troubled humanistic thought processes . Some might believe her, but I and thousands of others are appalled at her willingness to embrace leftist views, while expecting a similar brand of  dumb blindness  from us. In her faulty thinking, she is incompetent; In her unbridled rebelliousness, she is plain dangerous.

Lisa's  view  of party politics in the false name (red herring) of bipartisanship is irritating.  Does she really think we are blind to her subtrafuge? Her indifference to fraud in the election process is alarming, and we are not forgetting her unwillingness to accept honest Republican primary results. 

Who willingly corrupts Native power and an election, then declares her so-called "election" a "miracle?"  Answer: a troubled totalitarian underling who has sold her soul.  She has demonstrated that her need  for power is boundless and without conscience.  She is untrustworthy!What can be said of this election-injustice?  Clear-sighted individuals coming together to hopefully form a "[m]ore perfect union" have been unfortunately overcome by myopic types, like Murkowski, who endanger the election process' power-of-one. Her brand of bipartisanship is built on shifting sand. Not good!

Murkowski is badly mistaken. In the face of leftist dishonesty, we can't come together. Can oil mix with water? This is spiritual and political warfare. We form unions first as knowledgeable, moral individuals, not as useful idiots. Murkowski and her cohorts demand idiots. Moreover, politicians, and we the people, need santifying grace to make our way out of this mess.. Christ uttered the following warning not only to Peter, but to us for our time: Luke 22:31 "And the Lord said,  'Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: ...'"

How did we get to the equivalent of third world elections?  Answer: We blundered into Satan's sphere in the early sixties and beyond. As he was busily sifting, some welcomed him into their lives. Finding him comely and familiar, many trustingly greeted and embraced  the Sifter  as they would a familiar friend, with whom they shared many commonalities. In the continuum, many rebellious risk-takers, like Lisa Murkowski, refused God's version of rule-driven freedom. She and others preferred Satan's free-for-all version in the form of anarchy. The rest is history.
God help Alaska and the United States of America.  God help us all!  May He give Joe Miller the insight and strength to take the Alaskan people's case to the U.S. Supreme Court. Pray for his success. Pray that the dawning of the age of heroes and the demise of back-scratchers is near. And pray that Lisa Murkowski will repent her attack on the people of Alaska. It is a good thing when the Sifter fails in his mission.

 1. Source: The Holy Bible Douay Rheims Version