Saturday, November 7, 2009


By Clotilde Frazier

Russia is playing its trickster's games, and if you have seen the maps of the Red World, it intends to dominate us, one way or another.

Do you suppose the quickie meeting between Putin and Obama set the stage for Russian aggression? Duh!

You can hear the terse talk: Putin: "Can we depend on you to stand down as we pick-off the Baltic states? We can toy with Poland a little later."

Obama: "I guarantee that the racist Americans will not interfere with you, Comrade.  You can depend on ME to soften up the dumb Americans. Remember, I am not one of them. 

"You are going to take out Georgia and the seaports. At least I hope you do, that way our troops are stuck and unable to attack Iran.  For that matter, neither will Israel. I can only stall for so long. The generals want more troops in the region. You must act quickly.

"I'm sweating this one. Now that I head the U.N. Council I am in a position of power and you can use me well. If the American people  remove me from office, I can move to Europe where everbody loves me. I can just see their faces when they realize that I, I mean, you, have so much power in the U.N. Some other thoughts:

"I guarantee that as the President of the U.N. Security Council there will be no sanctions against you. You are going to bring in Africa to the Security Council - right? Oprah will be mad if she doesn't get a position.  Remember all that she did to get me elected." And so it goes...

My fellow Americans, kill the TV. Your indifference (stupidity) is killing us. Don't you get it? The world will never love us.  They don't think much of Christ our Lord.  What makes you think you are special?

S.O.S.   S.O.S.   S.O.S.   S.O.S.   S.O.S.   S.O.S.   S.O.S.   S.O.S.  

It's a Red World after all ...

Editor's Note: Turkey, is a faithless partner.  Do you remember when it was going to allow our invading forces to land military forces and hardware on their territory when we went into Iraq? If you do, you also remember that they reneged on the deal, causing a great time delay.  Saddam was able to get rid of who knows what. 

Hysterical, historical reminder: does anyone know that the Ottoman Turks did a swell job of making their way into Europe in an effort to found a Muslim Empire?

What does it mean when a Nato country holds war games with a non-Nato country? Answer: terminal trouble.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Thanks to blogger Arctic Thunder for posting this worthwhile video. Watch it with a spirit of discernment. "The truth," if you can find it, "will set you free."



To MGMers,

Student's who are studying the Red-World (Communism) and its elites will want to visit the blog, Once Upon a time in the West.  Someone there understands the subtleties required to wage war with an enemy bent on the destruction of our bodies, souls and country.

If you can't find the site readily, connect below and be swallowed-up by facts and time-lines that will make your hair stand on end. Intrique abounds.

If you care about freedom and it blessings, you will reward this blog with your time, attention and discernment.

Too often, we simply don't pay attention to the details when we are given food for thought. " I send you out among the wolves." " Know them by their fruits," were important surival directives that we failed to heed.

We need to be better at both discernment as well as sifting truth from fiction. As sheep we should only follow the Good Shepard's Voice and defang the opposition by being as "wise" (smart) "as the serpent."

Perilous Times, confirms an assessment that I made many years ago, with very little information as to who the players were, and their deadly goals.  How did that happen?  "Eyes" saw and "ears" heard. Deo gratias!  Thank you, Perilous Times, Viva Christo Rey!

Clotilde Frazier

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


By Clotilde Frazier

 The subtle use of color: How Did Republican(s) and States Come to Be Associated with the color RED?

                                           Pravda November 2009



Red States/Blue States: Origins of Current Color Scheme: Why We Should Care

"Before the 2000 presidential election, there was no universally recognized color scheme to represent political parties in the United States. In fact, the color scheme was often reversed, in line with historical European associations (red was used for left-leaning parties).[2][3]"   Emphasis mine. Wikipedia November 2009

Tim Russert, long-time Democrat and political operative popularized the color assignments: Republicans (Red), Democrats (Blue). Clever!

The leftist press happily spread the deception.  Mr. Russert obviously saw the association and cleverly avoided attaching it to the red-Dems when he created the Red vs Blue map for television audiences in 2000.

"According to The Washington Post, the phrases red states and blue states were coined by Tim Russert, although in that same article Russert states that he wasn't the first to use the terminology.[13][14] This term refers to those states of the United States of America whose residents predominantly vote for the Republican Party (red) or Democratic Party (blue) presidential candidates, respectively.

"John Chancellor, Russert's NBC colleague, is credited with using red and blue to represent the states on a US map for the 1976 presidential election. Mainstream political discussion following the 2000 presidential election used red state/blue state more frequently." Wikipedia November, 2009

The fact that Republican Party leadership failed to  attend to the misapplication told me that they were  limited in the art of warfare, or afraid to make enough waves to correct the misapplication: Or were they? Is the 'Red" enemy within the Republican Party and elsewhere?  Hmm?  Of course they are.  They are everywhere.

The art of war is waged using subtle deception.  Before Republicans and/or conservatives  associate themselves with "Red" city, county, state, country ( anything), they should consider the historic association.  The outed leftists, including our president are proudly "Red."

 I say: "paint them with their true primary color," "Red."

Republican's better crawl out from under the big deflated tent they carelessly erected by blindly buttressing it with hot-air, limp poles, and baby (marketable) Cadavers. 

The fact that they allowed a leftist-leaning democrat to paint the tent RED speaks badly about their political-warfare acumen. Republicans need to claim another primary color(s) and declare themselves to be the party of the people's platform, solidly pro-constitution and free from the tyranny of  social liberalism ("Reds").

 Did you hear the People, Newyt Gingrich? Your wimpy explanation as to how you came to support, Dede Scozzafava, a disguised Republican New York machine "Red,"  is unacceptable.

You accepted the diktat or party line, rather than oppose the moles in the "Red" New York Republican party apparatus.  Your past "conservative" credentials aren't going to hold up anymore. "Red" Republicans just will not do.  


Maps and Messages

Site source:

Pravda's Flag of the U.S. November 2009


Guide for Civil Defense - So You Think the World is Safe and Loves Us?

The Russians have positioned themselves to take over the Baltic States.They threaten Poland. Chavez is mobilizing against our partners,Columbia, on the border. Iran is mobilizing. Terrorist cells are here. Unless you are living in la, la land you will find this guide helpful. Now go and prepare. MGM


Monday, November 2, 2009


To: President Obama:
Re: HR 3962

Re: proposal to place into law abortion knowingly paid for by taxpayer's money.

From: C. F. a citizen of the State of Alaska, in the United States of America, a Representative, Constitutional Republic 

So, Mr. President, you want to kill the babies and have us share in the criminal massacre through taxation.  I  hear you Obama, now hear me: not our babies, not my money, not my country.

 As for the rest of the cowardly, who encourage the killing of babies through surrogates, but will not fight an equally armed enemy, I fear for your immortal souls. 

It is a hateful law you and your lackies would create. Per your instructions: "I resist you to your face."  All of you who would harm this nation and its children are a species apart.

Congress: disband if you must. Resist! Kill this fraudulent health-care [sic] legislation.

My God, Mercy.

Viva Cristo Rey!

A voice in Rama, was heard, lamentation and great mourning; Rachel bewailing her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.   Matt. 2:18


Dear MGMers:

Enjoy this follow-up to Fulton Sheen.  You can see why one loves Chesterson. C.F.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Fool Says There Is No God

Thanks to blog site, Discue aut Discede (Learn or Depart) for finding these important Archbishop Sheen videos.  There are several reasons why you should thoughtfully watch them. Most importantly: all but one of the Virgin Mary's prophecies have transpired and we are about to see more pain.

At the time Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen had his televised program, the Vatican was still relatively free of communist dominion. However, worldwide current events now place the Church squarely under the thumb of socialist-communist leaders, especially Russia  (Treaty of Metz otherwise known as the Moscow-VaticanAccord).

Note: Archbishop Sheen and Pope Pius XII were ardently anti-communist/anti-socialist in both their Marxist and National Socialist (Nazi) forms. From the beginning, communist/socialist revolutionaries declared themselves to be enemies of God and the Catholic Church.

Eventually, to confuse the people, they set up their own state sponsored churches: The Russian Orthodox Church is state sponsored as is the Catholic Church of China  (Communist Patriotic National Church); true Faith adherents are punished.

Under both isms, Catholic clergy were (are) martyred and churches were (are)  ransacked and closed.  History has factually provided us with proof of anti-clerical atrocities during the communist revolutions in Russia, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Vietnam, and  China etc.

Leaders of temporal affairs can be indifferent to various modes of belief, but secular governments cannot infringe on God's protection and dominance without encountering dire consequences. As for the laity, they are called to keep the faith. Unfortunately, many forgot and became indifferent; consequently,  God's messengers warn us that His punishment is imminent.

Mary's 1917 mission from God warned  mankind that their sinfulness was placing them at-risk for terrible punishments. Several visits from the Mother of God over a six-month period culminated, October 13, 1917, with the miracle of the sun at Fatima, Portugal.

At Fatima, the Blessed Mother conveyed a final warning saying that nations would be annihilated.

But, there is more: Under the title of, Our Lady of Good Success, Mary's earlier authenticated message, nearly four-hundred years earlier, to Ecuador's, Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, exposed the fact that the church would apostasize in the late twentieth century.

Two predictions: one temporal and one spiritual - both dire. The former message would protect the latter from destructive misinterpretations from malefactors within and outside the Church.    

Unlike  clergy badly afflicted by liberation theology, Archbishop Sheen tried to sound the alarm against godless isms. Did we listen? Did we appropriately respond? Will you? C.F.


This has got to get you mad. They are innoculating our children beyond their immune system's ability to cope.  They cannot grant that vaccines are pure or untainted with mychoplasma fermentans Incognitus. Why should we put our lives in their hands?  More later.  SF

Are the criminals running everything?