Tuesday, January 19, 2010


 God Bless America!

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New Jersey


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This is but one battle.  The war still must be won. The two R's: Rejoice and Recoup (for another day).

Monday, January 18, 2010


Massachusetts, kick the bums out.  How about the courage of that reporter?

Camera shot one:

Reporter John McCormack shows grit and stick-to-it courage as he pursues an answer to his question with the evasive Ms. Coakley.  But wait: look at the guy with the glasses, Michael Meehan.  He gives the high-sign to the guy standing next to him, then stands on tippy-toes to locate fellow Strums and performs a flanking position to bring up the rear with fellow stormtroopers.

Martha is turned in another direction to give Meehan a rear flanking advantage. McCormack has been ID'd by the goons who want to prevent him from asking unwanted questions.  They mean to shut him down, interferring with freedom of the press and free speech.  Intimidation!

Camera shot two:

Fox News brings in a woman commentator who says things are "heating up" in a competitive campaign. No sign from her that this kind of thuggery is plain wrong. 

In this shot, Martha looks on as her stormtroopers collaborate to prevent McCormack from proceeding with his questions. She makes no move to quell action that might bring injury. In my day a woman Democrat answered questions, and, unaided, faced down goons within the party.  

Note: the fellow that was first given the high-sign walks ahead of the tall bespeckled Strum, Michael Meehan, who knocks McCormack down, then in true thuggery style helps him up, askes him if he is OK, Corleone style, and proceeds to interfer with the marked man [McCormack]. 

The guy in the advance guard stops to observe how things are proceeding and throws his scarf around his neck.  Martha hurries away, the ruse succeeded.  Or did it?

Camera shot three:

Did you see Mr. bespeckled bully come from behind McCormack and shove him hard enough to rough him up and make him lose his balance? McCormack easily could have been injured, given the position of his arms, as he was trying to record events.

The attack was obviously played out as Martha's  stormtroopers planned. She never answered McCormack's question.  Nonetheless, Mr. McCormack, you were superb.  Your cool-headed acrobatics and determination brought a smile.  This nation might make it yet.