Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cowards and Deviants in the Halls of Power: The All too Corruptible Elites and the Franklin Scandal

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Lest We Forget

According to credible investigators, child abuse by leadership all the way up to the White House reportedly has been covered-up by the FBI, Secret Service, Military,  CIA, Customs Dept., Washington DC police, Tallahasee Police, our Churches, schools, courts etc.  

How does this happen?  It seems simple enough: perpetrators have secreted their allies in high positions, including the military. 

Everyone poised for a position of power should be rigorously vetted to insure the content of their character is incorruptible. 

Republicans, remember that the most vile among us has historically played a false role of pretending to hate evil while commiting its worst forms.

Democrats, the most murderous among us were leftists.  Remember that when you try to make political capital of the tragedy uncovered during the Franklin investigation.

History, ancient and modern, tells us that children have little value and in fact are tortured and murdered, in and out of the womb. What does that say about us as a species?

Perpetrators aren't hard to find, they form coalitions, raise money to ply their trade and accuse those who would change things as "haters."  Enough!  Reopen the Franklin scandal investigation and let the chips fall where they may. Deviants of all stripes need to be purged from positions of power.  

 There must be a special place in hell for such as these! 

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Important audio interview below:  Don't tell me you don't have time to listen. Rest, make dinner, but for the love of God, listen! A child, yet unbroken, needs rescue.

Reportedly, the author has sent copies of his book to:  Oprah, Olbermann, Geraldo, Smiley  - not a word - Why?  I believe that the Left happily has exposed all the dirt in the Republican camp, and well they should.  However, I am waiting for the Lefist shoe to drop.  The media is complicit. 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vatican II's Twisted Tree and Rotten Fruit: Communion in the Hand - Non Possumus! pt 2

 Pre-Vatican II The Fruit Was Good

Oh Lord, the priest gently laid You in my mouth's tomb and I closed the entrance as I allowed you to rest there a moment before you went.

Then Came the Rupture

The form was gone, the mystery replaced with the material. What remained was chewing gulping, crunching and irreverent touching with filthy hands. You were/are tossed and mishandled.

Where were your sacrificial priests as others forced us to stand and receive You from unconsecrated hands into our own hands?  We have wandered in the desert for over forty years, Lord. Mercy - restore your Bride to full glory and forgive your unappreciative, indifferent sheep.

The Holy Host  in the hand?  Non Possumus!

Forced communion in the hand?  Non Possumus!

Choice of communion in the hand?  Non Possumus!

Chew the bread rather than gently receive the sacrifice?  Non Possumus!

Different forms of the host?  Non Possumus!

Reception of Communion in a state of unrepentant sin?  Non Possumus!

Reception of the Host while erect?  Non Possumus

Vatican II's membership in a Global man-made church?  Non Possumus

Forgive us Lord. Help us to restore the faith.