Saturday, August 14, 2010

Revisiting Hate Crimes Legislation

(c) August 14, 2010


Hate Crimes Legislation Will Give A Select Few Power

By Clotilde Frazier

This was written under my given name and was sent to Alaska’s Senator Frank Murkowski, during the Clinton administration. The question now asked is: were my concerns unfounded?

The hate crimes agenda is a political tool that undermines free speech and limits freedom of thought to a select few. As a female victim of crime, I have some thoughts about attempts to characterize certain crimes as acts of hate.

First: all crimes, past and present, leave an indelible mark. Criminal conduct effecutuates hate, anger, frustration, a feeling of helplessness, a sense of isolation, general loss, permanent emotional scarring and economic loss. Is it, therefore, possible to predict outcomes where hateful thoughts dominate? It may be possible, but a potential for a high margin of error remains.

I am asking: is it possible to dissect criminal conduct and come up with a cause with certainty? I don’t think so. Etiology is always a complex issue, one that lacks specificity because we are complicated and paradoxical beings.

When my life was threatened, I felt that it was a violent, impersonal and evil act. I faced individuals who were: 1. on a mission, 2. were looking for a scapegoat, 3. were out-of-control, 4. were power abusers, 5. were habituated criminals and political operatives, 6. were bent on using fear and intimidation as a means of destroying my right to think and speak, 7. and were known drug abusers.

Are criminal acts, then, the result of specific malevolent drives? Or are they the result of something specific that victims say or do?

I suspect that criminal acts stem from myriad convoluted causes buried in soul and psyche, and have unpredictable triggers, but I can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Neither can Congress or anyone else.

I am not willing to define a so-called hate crime in qualitative terms. However, for the sake of argument, I believe hate and rage find their roots somewhere in a maze of maladaptive defense mechanisms, leaving soul and psyche malformed and undefended.

I ask Congress: can you or your fellow legislators say with indisputable certainty and specificity that there is such a thing as a “hate” crime, unique in injury that requires special legislation?

If you are certain, is your certainty such that you believe your colleagues have wisdom enough to write a law that addresses human intent and the range of chaotic human emotions that help to create intent?

Because I believe we are born flawed spirits who, nonetheless, were made in the Creator’s image, it follows that I believe that all crime is hateful, inhumane and unpredictable. But, I also think that the first victim of a crime is the perpetrator, because he or she has acquiesced to evil, placing the soul in jeopardy.

As for the proposed “Hate Law” legislation, it is frightening that ambitious leaders want to qualify crime in terms that presume to categorize an individual’s state of mind. Are we now into thought control? I pray not, the possibilities are too frightful.

To grow morally, my conscience must be unfettered by man-made restrictions. I am obliged, by moral law and conscience, to love God and humankind with certainty, wisdom, strength and passion. At the same time, I am to hate destructive (evil) conduct with equal ardor. To do otherwise would be lukewarm and essentially dishonest.

If conduct is despicable, I am bound to say so and offer alternatives. The law does that every day. If I give voice to my rational thoughts, are the President and his cohorts proposing to legislatively wash my brain and conscience through coercive law? It sounds like it to me.

In Communist countries, like laws ultimately led to many Gulags and resulted in the engineered death of the undefended, as well as the politically and religiously incorrect. Estimates of atrocities are astounding and give credence to my greatest fears, especially when I consider that no one has proposed that we punish the perpetrators through an international Tribunal.

History has shown that totalitarianism’s Socialistic construct is not benign. Records provide irrefutable evidence that Communism, through its socialistic face, became a deadly force in the hands of those able to grab, abuse, and hold power.

A new book proves my point. Using documents of record, the multiple authors of, The Black Book of Communism, expose the horrific incremental excesses of totalitarian Communist Socialism, wherever it has planted roots. Throughout the Communist empire, documents attest to the deaths of over one hundred-million hapless people, whose main offense was to think and speak in ways different from power holders.

We are not there yet, but incrementally we are well on our way to fully yielding to tyrannical powers. We are being surrounded by evil doers as mindless distractions lull feckless consciences to sleep.

We, the people, have seen the results of Machiavellian machinations which attack freedoms, including speech. In effect, we have been blindly led to become a brave, now, increasingly engineered captive and servile people. Doesn’t the master tell the enslaved how to think and act?

Presidential governance by fiat, with the assistance of the judiciary and legislature, threatens freedom and divides the nation by design. Independent, free men and women are just too difficult to govern (oppress) in a brave, new, one-world order.

However, deep-structure, it is the tyranny of the minority that threatens us through provocation, excess, selfishness and abuse of power. It is the tyranny of the demagogue and restive special interest groups that force us down destruction’s path. We need something better.

We need a moral imperative, built upon balanced self-examination, self-discipline, responsible conduct, knowledge, truth, and the freedom to speak openly, reasonably and unselfishly to leaders et al. There is both experience and an historic precedence for my views. It was the grassroots moral core of this nation that freed the oppressed from slavery and gender abuse. It was that moral core that spoke out against all forms of tyranny, and in time the core was followed by the elite power holders. By the grace of God, I was formed by that core and acted accordingly.

I ask you, my representatives, to effectively stand against the proposed Hate Crimes Act, and its sister Employment Act, which promotes some individuals, while attacking others through false and bad law, with bad outcomes. Entrapment awaits us if we hesitate. The force of the Communist/Socialist experience is full upon us in all its overt/covert forms.

Should you fail to successfully squelch this attempt to set the stage for a Socialist One-World Order, with the so-called Man of Destiny as dictator, your children’s children and mine will live or die cursing your lack of will, greed, insight, and cowardliness.