Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunny - She Who Removed Gloom and Tears


Asleep in Dad's hands

On Dad's Lap


Forget: the news that the Catholic hierachy and the people in general blew it when they blew-off the Almighty and the Bride of the Holy Ghost at Fatima.  Forget, too, that we will pay dearly for our indifference;

Forget: the news that as a consequence of our collective disobedience,  Russia plots with its allies. They are surrounding us in our Southern hemisphere, the Middle East, Europe, the Ukraine, etc.;

Forget: that Humanism has replaced God;

Forget: the news that children are selectively abused, used, ignored, spit out like garbage and killed in and out of the womb;

Forget: that many in our nation deliberately ignored warning signs that the man they wanted as president was a low-down marxist, who intended to put those who love deviancy into positions of power;

Forget: that blackmail is being used at will to keep criminality hidden,  as perverted rats in government; the military, the churches, the media, and the legal institutions plot and execute abominations;

Forget: that women are forced to abort their babies in certain countries, not that we will escape it;

Forget: that women have long forgotten their sacrificial role as protectors and nurturers of their children;

Forget: that men have long forgotten their sacrificial role as protectors of the family;

Forget: that madison avenue has convinced many that they are sex objects and little else;

Forget: that priests can no longer walk among us and receive a grateful smile  for their sacrifice as an Alter Christus; now we wonder if they are narcissistic sexual predators and thieves;

Forget: that the sacrament of marriage is being destroyed by politicians and their wives who should know better;

Amidst putridity, pause briefly, smile, and remember a loyal member of a family -  a noble one of the species rodent, who brought gifts of smiles, patience in suffering, examples of loyalty, and happiness that will last well beyond her brief two-years on earth.

 Who would have thought that a brief ray of hope would come from the "[l]east of these:" a rodent named, Sunny?

St. Francis, welcome the special spirit that was an innocent, lovingly known as, Sunny.  "A big, big soul in a tiny body."

My thanks to the family that allowed me to use these pictures, and who shared their love story about mom's morning coffee with, Sunny, who was part of the family's greeting-entourage when dad came home from work.  C.F.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Down with the Secular Valentine's Day and its Forced Love (sic)
Here is True Love:

The Christ Child of Mount Pichincha, Ecuador

"I can do no more to show how much I love you.  Ungrateful souls repay the great love and attentions of My Heart with contempt, sacrileges and blasphemies."

The story

Happy St. Valentine's [Martyr for the faith] Day, to:

The magnificant triad
The Rock
The children and parents who push the buggy
The MGMers
The lost Lamb
Those who have been abused and have lost faith

To those who mistakenly believe that they have lost their souls: believe and keep believing as you say this prayer taken from a prayer card.

    Dear Child Jesus of Pinchincha, I humbly kneel before Thee, worn and disillusioned by the world and all its empty pleasures and promises.  I have left the warmth and joy of Thy house to eat husks with the swine.
    I beseech Thee to purify my heart and restore my innocence.  I humbly beseech Thy Loving and Gracious Heart to forgive, and even forget, my past and to grant me the grace to begin anew.  I beg not only for my restoration, but for that of the world, and above all, for that of our beloved Holy Catholic Church, which is so beleagured and persecuted.
    Through the infinite merits of Thy Holy Childhood, I feel confident that my prayer will be answered.
     Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be...

Card available at http://www.traditioninaction.org/  or Phone 323-725-0219