Saturday, November 14, 2009


The financiers move us to the one world open village.

Gyorgy Schwartz aka George Soros is at it again.  Betcha the devil's hatchet man, Barack Hussein Obama, is busy yielding power to China on his trip to the East. The transfer of our wealth has already begun. Soros uses the phrase, "New World Order." 

Not appropriate to have a chronic deficit, he says.  "Our monetary system has broken down."  We will be a "drag" on the global economy. The IMF has the gold and it has been transferred.  Listen and weep to this YouTube testimony of the personification of pure evil speaking in a soft voice.

The crazy men are running the world. 

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jerry Brown, Attorney General in California Colluding with Acorn While Dems Pull a Slight of Hand with the Stimulus Bill

For MGMers,

It appears that there is no real justice in California - ACORN'S spokesman, David Lagstein's public comments about, "Political Animal," Attorney General  Edmund J. Brown Jr., leaves the distinct impression that California's AG is willing to not only bend the law, but is comfotable finding scapegoats... The fault will be found with those who made the video.


After meeting with Brown's people, David Lagstein, confidently announced that the AG would not likely go after ACORN (for criminal activity), suggesting that it would be the film makers with whom the AG would take issue.

If Brown acts against the young film-makers, California will in effect become the home of the lawless, whom a reprobate Attorney General (Brown) serves, and through whom no good goes unpunished.

To repeat: Brown reportedly will persecute two kids, who served the public good, rather than prosecute to the full extent of the law, an alleged criminal enterprise, ACORN.

The suggestion is made that Brown will treat the reporting witnesses of a crime in process as criminals.  Conversely, the renegades committing the crime are helpless victims of  the testifying witnesses.  This sounds like something out of the Gulag reeducation camps.

If ACORN'S representative is telling the truth, one wonders how far a man can fall, having once entertained the idea of becoming a priest.  

What else have we learned from Glenn Beck's video? Beck discloses that the so-called Stimulus Bill has hidden mandates in it: for one, income tax indexing is terminated. Result: we will be paying taxes at an "evil tax rate." Subsidies for animal Vets? What? Would that be, um, PETA?

To the "usefu" that voted for a socialist one-world empire, monitored by democrat bullies, your medical treatments will be electronically tracked by the Feds. Think how hard-hearted a doctor must be to survive in a George Orwell's 1984 system. Think how that will be played out on you.

To make the Doc's day more stressful and subject to corruption, the Feds are putting in Effectiveness Boards to judge your doctor's effectiveness. Cost effectiveness, not quality and appropriate care.

Think of the monstrous, enviornmentally clean world the Dems and their allies are building (minus you, buster).

Doc to bureaucrat “My patient needs an MRI."
Bureaucrat, “Nope, x-ray only."

Ah, but this is just the tip of the iceberg: What happens if you don't have insurance? The Stimulus Bill says that you will be fined or put in jail. Really!  It's in the Bill. 

Penalties in the Stimiulus Bill keep appearing and disappearing like plants in Michele's garden. So, fellow citizens, how do you like the imposed change?

Nothing is certain in a changing world. It's like pulling petals off a flower: : "They will put me in jail; They will put me in jail, not; they will kill me, they will kill me not."  It all smells of abuse and insanity. The language in the Stimulus Bill keeps changing and we are accepting this?

Unless U.S. citizens anti-up, The New Order can't afford to make everyone, eveywhere equally poor throughout the world. It is a scheme worthy of tyrants and mobsters who have already shown their proclivity to steal, torture, and store vast sums of money.

What do they do with their ill-gotton gains? They buy protective armies and keep the people at each others throats.  It works.  People are painfully diminished, then extinguished.

Judging from what I am seeing on C-Span, our imposed legislative schemes will eventually become the model for the whole world where Nana, Grandpa, the sore-wounded, the handicapped, and specific racial groups (white is out) will become more and more expendable. We are already being told that in a few short years this will be a "tan" country.

Then there is the Cap and Trade System: Energy rates increase 90%. Electric bills will be "astronomical." Obama told you during the campaign they would. Energy welfare programs will rise exponentially for millions as they need compensation for their estimated loss in purchasing power.  The State giveth and taketh away in the Stimulus Bill.

The czars are warring against the people. Hidden traps were embedded in the Stimulus Bill, in "plain sight." The democrats and their allies in congress fought tooth and nail to bring this about. Thank them, useful fools (where it applies); thank them for bringing about your demise. As the Dumbed down, you voted the "cute" vermin in. That is what you wanted wasn't it?

Finally: explain, if you can, why medical health care was not reserved for the Health-care Bill and was secretly hidden in the draconian Stimulus Bill.

Never before in history was it known that a people willingly gave up their freedom to foolishly and full-heartedly embrace its loss. Only in America! In closing: there is a warning that I was taught as a child: "Satan can enter in only when invited."

Good God - Mercy!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Thank you son (Korea - Cold war), John E. (Korea Hot war), Rocco (Gulf War), Bill N. (Vietnam) and all others who gave so much to preserve the nation.

Thank you neighbor John who despite disability still serves in another way and plows my driveway. Your Johnathan is in my prayers.

To the Gulf War vets who suffered exposure to toxins and to those families that suffer with them - I extend my prayers and outrage that you have been treated badly by an indifferent press and nation. We shall not forget the outrage and your suffering.

Lord, as to those who died at Fort Hood, remember they served to guard us; consequently, we are safe for awhile.

Veterans, be at peace, for a remnant of - WE the PEOPLE - are accepting our positions on the wall you so vigilently guarded. You are not forgotten.