Friday, February 26, 2010


Vatican II's Spokesmen: Harry Potter Good+ [Occult Good]+ [Gay Good]

Harry Potter and the Pied Pipers in the Vatican

Feed my Lambs John 21:15

Embedded in Our Lord's  message was the directive: don't [mislead] my Lambs, so why would the Vatican give its imprimatur to Harry Potter's subliminal cultish subplots?  

The Vatican has finally led us to believe the occult is an acceptable millieu to  work out good and bad impulses [freedom of conscience].  That, I believe, is a New-Age thought. So, why does the "Conciliar" Church function as a misleading Pied Piper wannabe?  Here  

Defacto, Newchurch misleads, tempts and abuses her children through pederasts.   With the VII Church's  help, youth  have found a spiritual home among witches, werewolves, vampires, deviants in hiding, and who knows what else.  But there is more: here is Harry after he has been conceived, scripted, and finally bought by  intellectually challenged young girls.  Church corruption in - Corrupted Church out equals ruin, pure and simple.

Question: should true Catholics listen to the tune of the Newchurch's approved pipers, twilighters, and deviants, as children are led down evil's subtle path to spiritual death?  

Non Possumus

Viva Cristo Rey!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

VACTICAN II's TWISTED TREE AND ROTTEN FRUIT: Blasphemy and Confusion - part 3

Vatican II: Destructive and Non-Catholic

      Accept Ongoing Abominations of Anarchy, Heresy, and Blasphemy Within VII's [New] Church? 

 Non Possumus

Judge by its fruit:

Would a true Catholic do this? Would a true Catholic allow this? Bishop Felley, is this your vision for those who struggle to keep the faith? Are you willing to lose sheep? Are you asking us to join in the abomination? Dare you require us to mock God? And they want us to join them in this abomination?

Non Possumus!

On the other hand, consider our sainted hero, Padre Pio:

All is possible with such as these.