Monday, November 16, 2009


Obama, the radical boy revolutionary, got what he deserved from his Chinese elders: no raise in allowance, until he shows them the books. The question is do we the people deserve humiliation by association?  Unfortunately, yes.

Obama's inept representation of the office of the presidency has been an embarressment. I would laugh if it were not so tragic.  By repeatedly bowing to others, who are supposed to be equals in status, Obama appears scripted and boyish, rather than manly, powerful and dignified.



Cry America: the man who represents you by his machinations appears as a serf before his one-world, feudal master(s).  It is a powerful image: A son of Africa delivers a nation of unknowing serfs (slaves) to his fellow-travelers.

Cry America: Obama and all the other leftist-Soros-brainwashed discards are tearing apart and bringing to shame everyone of us in front of their red-communist allies.  Cry:  for we have brought this onto ourselves by allowing God's memory to dim. Consequently, we have Marxists governing, "We the people."

To bring the point home, I am submitting two presentations.  One is simplistically grotesque in its stupidity.  The other is profound in its wisdom born of pain. Here is a test: which is which?

The question was asked from afar: What happened to you Americans? Simply put, we began to think of life here as heaven on earth and, the more we venerated our creation, we forgot our Creator. Bishop Sheen, shown elsewhere on this blog, would agree.

Knowing what you do today, would you still have voted for Obama? I would like your comments. If you did or didn't vote for him, answer the world's question: what happened to you Americans?

Clotilde Frazier

Political Correctness: Jihadist's Foot in the Door

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Swine Flu Genetic Engineers Guilty of Criminal Malfeasance? W.H.O. Joins in view that Priming the World Population OK

Soros's world where money buys life and death 

The Devil walks the land. Genetic engineers mass murders? Fellow citizens, here is a test: given all that we have learned, would you take the flu shot?