Saturday, January 15, 2011

Useful Idiots Demand Publication of UI Krugman's Personality Profile

 Clotilde Frazier (c) January 11, 2011 - revised 1-27-2011

UI Krugman's Personality: A Report to the Comrades

From A  domestic communist cell: new conditioning goals based on UI Krugman's (quantified) personality chart.

Greetings Comrades: We have worked out past kinks involving the historical Masonic One-World-Order and were thrilled with the music that accompanied our farewells.

Unfortunately, UI (Useful Idiot)  Paul Krugman has been outed. His outing has served to spoil our one-hundred percent, nondiscriminatory, hug-hug, civil meeting, making other UIs one-hundred percent hopping mad and uncivil.  

We must find a way to scrutinize Comrade Krugman for personality deficiencies. To this end, we have quantified UI Krugman's personality for illegal profiling purposes in the event that we need to dispose, I mean, elim..., I mean discard unwanted traits. We have a final solution in place, if needs arise.  


We are concerned that Comrade Krugman, et al., has caused an alarm bell to sound among American Conservatives, some of whom are  senior citizens. We must change our conditioning strategies as we sift for personality weaknesses.

Problem 1:  The Tea-Party's older fools are speaking out about their health care needs and costs.  Usually silent, they are telling the nation exactly how much our splendid Ponzi-like Medicare scheme really costs them. 

Problem 2: The  seniors and Conservatives  are not cowed by our Committee's efforts to blame them and Sarah Palin for the recent murders and mayhem in Arizona. In fact, our UI,  Paul Krugman, et al has been partially exposed as an UI by bright bloggers and talk show hosts.  It doesn't end there.

Problem 3:  Our formerly quiet radical neocon friends failed to successfully moderate the rising conservative tide. 

Problem 4:  While Krugman's thinking and personality are skillful and representative of best mole practices in Communist thinking, his occasional lack of objectivity places him at risk when he's confronted by objective thinkers in the conservative movement.

Problem 5: UI (PK) is unable to insert himself at will within groups of unsuspecting conservatives to a degree that would allow them to trust him.

Problem 6:  the Committee for UI (Useful Idiot) Control (CUIC) studied Comrade Krugman's commentaries, and has detected covert, uncivil willfulness in his personality structures. 

There is also a desirable one-sided propensity, which  leads to above-average  subjectivity.  Put another way, he sees life on his terms sixty-percent of the time, often making him useful and corruptible.  Conversely, forty-percent of the time he may be curious about others, allowing in some human concerns. We must apply conditioning strategies to extinguish him, I mean these tendencies.  Details about profiling techniques are not allowed for the purposes of this report.  The author's original intent was to empower individuals.  Of course, we found a way around her intents.  
Comments: Normally UI PL's predispositions  are good Communist characteristics, but with the rise of Christian, spiritually-driven Conservatism, PK has to improve think-out-of-the-box strategies that are at once civil,  conversely evil, and full lies.   

By coming out of the shadows, he has drawn the ire of many "civil" Americans, who must again in mass be painted as "uncivil." We can only hope that they will not form more consciences as we regroup.

Klugman's Personality's Theoretical Characteristics:

Self vs. Me" Ratios

Looking at his primary mode of functionality, UI (PK) can be expected at any  time to demonstrate a below the median "self" or "me" frame of reference. He draws from these levels at least sixty-three percent of the time.

This means his personality is commendably narcissistic for UIs.  Our hope is to teach him to ignore secondary drives which cause him to consider "Others." These mixed 6:4 types give us a headache. Reconditioning as you know is difficult. Nonetheless we must force, I mean, urge UI PK to go along in order to get along.

Extinguishing "Others" or larger world views in UI Krugman's mission modes is a problematic situation: on the surface, UI's must appear Christian or Christian-like, yet actually be narcissistically destructive  at least ninety-percent of the time.   
Since UI Krugman allowed himself to be exposed, we must consider how to manipulate other personality drives; wherein, he is functioning in the "other"
modes,  wherein he is curious about others, as well as their thoughts and needs.  

Overt vs Covert Behavioral Modes

Our concern with UI (PK) Krugman is that  while he primarily has  a one-hundred percent  inclination to function in the shadows (covertly), that drive may at times be diminished to forty-percent by secondary (overall) drives.  During these times, he may blink or change, move to a sincere status, and/or  care too much and blow his cover.  It is our job to repress these inclinations.

To the point, UI (PK) can function in the self mode at least six out of ten times but we may be able to train him in a Pavlovian manner to reinforce stronger "self" frames of reference. As we consider reeducation, it is prudent to remember that we don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water.  Finding one-hundred percent primary "coverts" who are "self" focused is time consuming because we don't have a complete data base.

Leader, Organizer, Communicator Drives

UI, Paul Krugman is essentially a Leader. Communication drives are used to that end. This will essentially propel him to be a  true believer in the marriage of Utilitarianism and  Pragmatism.  If lying works, use it, in all contexts.  

What if he wants to "lead others off the reservation," so to speak?  We don't want UI (PK) to suddenly to become overly aware about the needs of other people. He may blink and want to really help them. Consequently, we might have to politely water board him and then covertly, in best practices fashion, blame it on the military.

Difficulty with Reconditioning

Recognizing that reconditioning is more difficult to achieve than initial conditioning, we are still prepared to act:  We cannot fail in our mission.  Klugman must be either  changed or eliminated through attrition, before he is completely outed. Additionally, it is recommended that he is mercifully referred to a self-destruct group, because we do not believe in violence.

Expected  Outcomes:  Krugman's success will lead to a strong mass desire for agenda-driven, cleverly written,  hate crimes law.  As an added bonus, PK will demonstrate ten ways to  cause the population to willingly ingest sugar-free red herrings. 

Conditioning Methods: Reward and Punishment

- To insure a socially appropriate, nihilistic,  conditioned response, UI PK will be manually massaged (wink, wink) and fed candy during the modernist,  politically correct video.
- To insure a conditioned gag response, UI  PK will be force-fed broccoli during the traditionalist's unwarranted,  hostile presentation on Communism.

PK's  leadership goals are as follows:

Goal1: successfully mislead Conservatives;
Goal2: establish a friendly relationship with conservatives;
Goal3: overcome doubt with lies;
Goal4: establish UI PK in the field of education as a moderate;
Goal5: deceive,  confuse, and destroy all true Christians;
Goal6: bring down the government of the United States of America;
Goal7: popularize "God is Dead" signs.

In closing, the Red Prince sends his eternal love with incivility, good wishes, and extends a polite demand to visit him soon at Anarchy St. (look down as you approach its gates).  As a reward, the Father of all Lies, will put in a good word for Krugman.

True Believer UI, #200,000,000
USA's Communist Party,
Anarchists International,
Nihilists for the End of World


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paul Krugman Mines American Psyches Looking for Soft Spots: Tea Party Patriots Targeted


By Clotilde Frazier (c) January 9, 2011

Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords,  first Jewish representative in the State of Arizona was shot, and is reportedly in critical condition. A Chief Judge, John Roll, a Christian, was killed, a nine-year old girl was killed, along with four others.  Reportedly, seventeen others were shot. 

Do you see a pattern here?  No? Having this much information, you can't say much you say?  Spot on! But Paul Krugman of the NY Times, professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University, wants his own piece of this crisis in the making. I say making, because Paul Krugman, "liberal with a conscience," is joining in the distortion fray: "[Don't] have proof yet that this was political, but the odds are that it was." All of life is one big political game.  So what's his point?  It's Sarah Palin and the Tea-Party. 
Odd, don't you think? that Krugman does not  mention there were six deaths in his opening lines. Instead, Krugman predictably focuses on the fact that Giffords was a Democrat, suggesting it is  open season on Democrats.

Logic warning: a Democrat was shot in a botched assassination attempt. Proposition:  it must be Sarah Palin and the Tea-Party who are the cause of all the carnage; therefore, whenever and wherever you have a fact-based,  self-educated, self-motivated, and self-controlled electorate, you can expect murder and mayhem to arise.

It's high time, Krugman says, for the GOP leaders to "take a stand against the hate-mongers." Who are the (hate) mongers?   Inferential/suggestion, grey-matter, and  insidious-mush warning: Forget the mongers part and focus on the hate part. The Krugman's of the world are dying to extend the reach of their vile hate laws. Flawed inferences and veiled suggestion will do for the sixth-grade blog readers among us.  People are too busy to read between the lines, he thinks.   
A lefty Johnny Appleseed, Krugman is sowing discord.  It is not logic or facts he is hawking; it is pure propaganda swill. His intent?  We can only surmise based on his attempts to lay blame: Would it be silly to assume he wants his associates to gain the offensive and take Republicans and the Tea-Party off-track for a long while?

Lefties are poisoning the collaborative well. Taint the Tea-Party name, kill the voices that powerfully disseminate information, divide the Republican party, then watch as Republicans and Independents are demoralized, distracted, and lose focus.  Take away Internet rights by fiat, corrupt the election process, as Lisa Murkowski did,  and you have won an election.

The Left wants and tactically needs the offensive, because our radical President Obama and the Socialist Left can't stand up to scrutiny, especially when the electorate is doing their homework. Obama and his crew are essentially born tacticians.  To beat them Republicans will have to mine their ranks and place their own tacticians in key positions.

No guess work is required to determine what the media (Krugman et al) will do. They have begun attempts to weaken the Republicans.  The press will be obsessively throwing distracting time-bombs at Republicans, allowing faux members to speak for the party.  Lisa Murkowski for one has demonstrated her animus. 

After her loss in the Alaska Republican Primary, Lisa demonstrated that she would and could take part in an effort to render null the Tea-Party Movement, along with Sarah Palin and anyone else that got in her way. She is the poster child for the phrase: "by hook or by crook."

There are a lot of bruised Republicans and Democrats who taste blood when they think of Tea-Party's efforts in the last election. Krugman isn't alone.  Other's drink from the same poisoned well.

As political types wax  irresponsible about the "dangerous" Tea-Party movement's affect on American politics, someone needs to hold up the left's Dorian Grey portrait. You can't get much lower than using a person's tragedy to make political points. No longer attractive, the left is just plain low-down ugly and criminal. In truth, they lie. Their disrespect for fact-based reasoning, and those who exercise it, is devoid of integrity or sympathy.

 Jan 8, 2011 a mind-sotted 22 year-old man shot, killed and injured innocents, politicians, and anyone else who got in his way.  Two of his favorite books reportedly dealt with socialism's extremes: terrorism within Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto and so on. 

Odd, don't you think, that Krugman failed to address Jared Lee Loughner's unstable predispositions?  Who is really to blame for the 22 year-old's  sick views?  Let's start with Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, to name a few. All were once effective grass-roots socialist-organizers who became tactical political murderers and criminal sociopaths.
Beware when community organizers and media with a god complex claim that they have an offended "Liberal conscience."  This unfettered, faithful and faithfilled Roman Catholic's knees bend only at God's altar.