Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vatican II's Twisted Tree and Rotten Fruit: Lovin' Com-Socialism: part eight

Gamesman-tactician, Chicago-Com-'Bama: and to think the Vatican Loves Him! But then, why not -  the Vatican is unCatholic 

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Graphic source unknown. Let me know...
The Vatican loves this unCatholic commie-nun, too.  Note the overcoming, smile.

Chicago's Dominican Sister Donna Quinn [in good standing]. Thinking about an abortion? The militant feminist and leftist nun will take you there and probably hold your hand.
Her coalition creditials [important read]:

  • Chicago Catholic[sic] Women  1974

  • founder of The Women's Ordination Conference 1976

  • leader of WomenChurch

"All of these [communist] organizations reject Catholic teaching  on abortion, homosexuality and the male priesthood. Her biography states that her favorite causes are reproductive choice, equal rights, lesbian and gay rights..." Emphasis mine. 
 - Source Traditio
And they excommunicated saintly Archbishop Lefebvre? Non Possumus!  How did the Com-socialists overtake that which is God's - the Catholic Church?  Think, people, think. 

Question: If non-catholic, non-christian moles can invade the church, why not a communist aka tyrant in our political ranks?

Judge a VII tree AND a president by its/his fruit?  SISI!

New illustration coming soon