Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This time, I don't have to hold my nose - I have a choice


This Propagandist for Abuse of The Sacrificial Lamb

To Sarah Palin:

Now you went and did it! You are backing [groan] McCain in this election cycle? Are you crazy? You know of course that you potentially can divide a grassroots movement that is just beginning to have a sense of itself. Your endorsement symbolically has given the good people of Arizona a proposition that they absolutely have to refuse.

As a traditional person who happens to be a true Catholic, I have seen my rights restricted by no-see-um do-gooders, who are following the rest of the dumb sheep over the cliff, as the wolves pursue them to their death.

I will follow the Lamb of God Who did not come to change the law - God's Law.

If it was good enough for the Son of God - well, need I say more?

I nominate Mrs. McCain "Dumb sheep of the month," with you in second place. Moreover, I am taping over the ''Go Sarah" message on my hooded, pullover sweatshirt.

So, you're backing McCain of the McCain/Feingold debacle. His wife just proved that she is a child who can be led by a pack of one-world-order wolves, who hate women. WHY did you do this?  I contributed to your pac and defended you: no more.

I suggest that you, J. McCain and Cindy McCain purchase the book, The Pink Swastika, and read it for comprehension. If the information in that book doesn't stand your hair on end I don't know what will.

M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E is between one man and one woman. Got it Cindy? Got it Sarah? Got it Senator McCain? 

Sarah, "rogue" is not good and is not to be confused with courage and wisdom.  I wish you both, but now, I think your are just too full of yourself, like the lefties who are relishing your bad judment.

Signed: an irate Alaskan who will send money to conservative candidates who have been appropriately vetted.