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Polish President and Important Hierarchy Lost to Poland In Air Crash of Questionable Cause

Katyn Revisited part one

By Clotilde Frazier all rights reserved

The Third Republic of Poland has been dealt a mortal blow.  Its president has been killed and its vital leaders from the military to finance are lost to that woeful country. Under the leadership of President Lech Kaczyinski, Poland was our loyal ally, and although we don't know it yet, we, too, have been dealt a mortal blow. Few spilled their blood with our troops.  The hopeful Poles did. It is unlikely that we will see help like this again.   

Under the cynical leadership of President Barack H. Obama, Poland was abandoned by our country. Obama's deceit was and remains shameful. The people of the United States mourn for the people of Poland and their proud President. 

A Pro Russian View of Kaczyinski 

Let us leave Poland's loss and appropriately focus on the question of why President Kaczyinski and important personages were headed to Russia.  The simple answer is: they were determined to memorialize the Russian NKVD 's clandestine massacre of twenty-two thousand Polish officers in the Katyn forest, near Smolensk, Russia.  

There is a strong sense that the death of Kaczyinski and his important entourage is a matter of History repeating itself.  Given the facts, heavenly justice requires that the world at large return to Katyn, where souls were lost. The world must remove the cause of Katyn's festering, hidden wound.

Emboldened  by the Obama presidency, the Russians have been doing their utmost to intimidate the Poles.  The unfortunate turn of events was most strongly felt when they held war games in the region. Kaczyinski appeard unphased and seemed to hold to his anti Neo-Soviet views, despite President Obama's abandonment.

With Kaczyinski's death, the ghost of Katyn seems to have now reappeared  as a warning to the West. As with the first Katyn forest murders in 1940, the Neo-Soviets suspiciously look again like  murderous  perpetrators, who are  [again] intent on denying Poland its most gifted citizens. 

One wonders how the Katyn 2010 story will be spun.  Our communist inspired, useful and capitulating president need not worry about a similar fate since he is one of them. Here.

Do we care about the lessons of Katyn? Any one watching Russia's moves around the world as they arm enemies of the USA, cannot help but view their acts as hostile. They have a history of manipulating useful idiots in various countries to attack us. It wasn't Russian  NKVD/KGB blood that was shed in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc. Their Cuban minions controlled Africa, South America etc.  Their Chinese allies fought us in Korea and Vietnam. 

Adroit, cowardly, stealthy killers, Russia's NKVD/ KGB leadership's  Modus operandi appears unchanged.  As with the first Katyn outrage, history will preside over the cause of yesterday's massacre.The coming convoluted  post mortem will no doubt in time pinpoint the real perpertrators. In the mean time the world will be fed red herrings.  

During World War II the Soviet NKVD assassinated Polish prisoners in Katyn Forest. They were the best of  Poland's officer corps.  Their skills would have been used to restore Poland to a leadership position after the defeat of Germany.

The Russian (sic) communist leadership could ill-afford a well prepared Christian rival on its border. Having destroyed the Russian people,  communists were poised, with the help of Western industrialists, to spread atheism's  domination and godless  theory throughout the world. 

During the wind-up of WWII, General G. Patton pleaded with General Dwight D. Eisenhower to let him fight on to defeat the communist threat.  Patton was punished for the thought. The communists had penetrated our own government and industrial centers of power.

"I do not believe in communism any more than you do but there is nothing wrong with the Communists in this country; several of the best friends I have got are Communists."  Roosevelt, Franklin D.
 Source: President FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, conversation with Representative Martin Dies at the White House, as reported by Dies.Congressional Record, September 22, 1950, vol. 96, Appendix, p. A6832.  - Source

Addressing the WWII Katyn forest massacre in Smolensk, and alluding to a similarity,  former president Aleksander Kwaƛniewski told TVN24 that “It is a cursed place. It sends shivers down my spine. First the flower of the Second Polish Republic is murdered in the forests around Smolensk, now the intellectual elite of the Third Polish Republic die in this tragic plane crash when approaching Smolensk airport.”  Spot on.  The Neo-Soviet's want a weakened, faux Catholic Poland. 

Katyn? Why should we care?  Look at our troops in Afghanistan.  That important airfield in Tajikistan has long been manipulated into the Neo-Soviet camp.  "In February 2009, president Rahmonov announced that he would allow [only] nonmilitary supplies bound to support the NATO effort in Afghanistan to transit through his country. Alternate supply routes were needed in light of neighboring Kyrgyzstan's announcement that it would shut down a major U.S. support facility--Manas air base."  Emphasis mine -

The old Soviet model didn't die, it merely "changed." Long ago and far away the Russian's have been dominant in the region with, guess who? [Iran], as their partner. Source: Inter Press Service English News Wire


Analysis by Dilip Hiro

LONDON, Feb. 24 (IPS) -- The weekend pact signed between the Tajik government and its Islamist opposition shows the deepening friendship between Iran and Russia that has developed since the break-up of the Soviet Union in late 1991. By the same token it means a setback to Washington's policy of isolating Teheran and, not the least, it effectively signifies an end to the near five-year-old civil war in Tajikistan thanks to Russian and [Iranian] cooperation. Emphasis mine. And you want to believe that Iran is operating alone?

Think of 200,000 American troops being caught in a spiders web... and maybe you will figure it out. They, like the WWII Polish Officers, are a vital well-trained link to our survival.  The point was made in the Movie Katyn that you can build tanks, but you cannot replace a well trained soldier.  The Poles found that out. Are we about to repeat history in Afghanistan? Maybe!Pray for our troops, for communist Dominion was predicted at Fatima.  

Watch the movie, Katyn,  for an understanding of the history that changed and enslaved the world. The first four parts are presented in this blog as an invitation, so that you will have eyes to see and ears to hear.  This excellent movie is fully available on Utube.  Buy the DVD if you can. Cyclical  History is repeating itself.  While you are at it, true Catholics,  take out your rosaries and pray.

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