Friday, November 19, 2010

Vandals at the Gates

The rule-breakers have gone too far in Alaska’s recent elections. The subsequent outrage is palatable and will grow as my fellow Americans discover the depths to which the Murkowski crew has sunk. They have declared war and I am responding. My children and their children require no less.

These past days, I have watched Alaska’s Senator Lisa Murkowski’s despicable and unwarranted attacks on former governor, Sarah Palin. Evidently these two women have a history. It appears that attacks on Palin are diversionary tactics: they serve as cover-ups for voter ballot criminality and other malfeasance taking place behind the scenes.

Senator Lisa Murkowski has treated Alaska’s Republican Primary voters as enemies. Take a look at ciminality and what passes for a voter’s ballots in the State of Alaska.


Who are the people that wanted Senator Murkowski to override the election process? I can’t say. But someone needs to conduct a forensic audit to discover who changed (stole) votes. Whose handwriting was repetitively used on many ballots?

Not to be out done by Internationalists’ scorched earth tactics, Lisa Murkowski has shown that she will eagerly go along with corruptible surrogates to achieve her fraudulent UN-American ends.

Is it possible that Lisa, a sell-out Republican, who had a noble platform to guide her, but rejected it, would think that her transgressions against the rule of the law and the people would be forgiven? Why wouldn’t she? She has succeeded and we easily forget. But, will we this time?

Dissatisfied with her alliance’s undoing of loyal Republican voters, Lisa went on to execute a scorched earth policy as she was [assigned]? to look for real or imagined enemies, and became the leftist media’s useful darling.

The media's Katie Couric et al, could not lure Sarah Palin into daffy, snippy, braggadocio, exhibited by Murkowski. Couric did all that she could to contain herself as Lisa snootily chatted on about a contrived, out-of-context diversion, ala Sarah Palin.  Here

As yet, Joe Miller had not yet said that he was requesting a recount based on evidence. The nation had turned its short attention span to matters associated with airport security's inappropriate touching and Sarah Palin. Soros must have been ecstatic.

Tonight, I wonder if our leaders are stable and competent, and can be trusted to make sound decisions for modern Alaska in the face of impending disasters, dire distractions, saber rattling with Russia and China, and a powerful native population which aligns itself with the UN.

We in Alaska are about to be tested. The test is this: enemies and their allies continue to create distractions with the intent to undo the will of the people. They did it to Sarah Palin. Joe Miller is the latest fatality of Alaska’s rough ‘n’ tumble, anti-social politics.

Looking for our weaknesses, our enemies found them with Murkowski's help, and they proceeded to undo the dream of "One," Our Senator has cynically engaged in the divisive process of terminally dividing the people along the lines of Ancients vs. Newcomers.

Are we strong, wise, competent, stable and generous enough to avoid a collision with the massive socialist/communist ship-of-state? I believe we are in trouble. Senator Murkowski hasn't protected us from a possible Collision; she is insuring one. Consequently, Joe, with his contextually driven judgment-calls, appears to be the more malleable of the two. By using her power against the Republican Primary, Lisa's flaws outweigh his.

The discord Lisa Murkowski sows is personal. It is MY vote that she and others are attempting to steal through a process of power, wealth, hurdles, and negation. In effect, her actions contravene my civil rights while she uses her immense influence with native Alaskans to diminish my effect. Shame!

- I believe that PACs and Lisa Murkowski, with the help of useful bureaucrats, acted with malice-of-forethought, to effectuate unfair outcomes in the Republican Party's Primary Election, thereby creating hurdles that effectually deny me important rights.

- Murkowski et al., have, de facto, destroyed established institutional voting practices, and, in so doing, they function unfairly as empowered bullies, who have caused the diminishment and effectiveness of my statutory voting franchise, which was achieved through a lawful legislative process.

- I am helpless to effectively fight for my established franchise and suffrage, and fear that my full citizen-rights are jeopardized and may be lost.

- I am not the sole target in this despicable process. Even if Senator Murkowski loses her race, she has significantly and capriciously harmed my potential voice, my candidate, Joe Miller.

- I believe that Senator Murkowski means to deny Mr. Joe Miller a mandate, and by extension she obstructs my influence on the legislative process. Her actions plead "Outlaw-wise," and are expressions of the same raw power currently exercised by President Barack Obama.

- Senator Murkowski works de facto to deny the nation at large an effective governing voice, and in so doing, she destroys a specific trust between herself and ”We the people," - that is - the duty of fair representation.


Unless reasonable people act long-term to counter the Murkowski/Soros/(Social) Democrat's march to insurrection, History will record that we will have been the first State in the Union to allow entrenched socialist bureaucrats to willfully obstruct and negate the will of the Alaskan people, and by extension, the whole of the American nation. We are the sum of our parts.

How does she do it? She uses willing accomplices, including wealthy protected (corporate) “minorities: against other Alaskans.

Senator Murkowski demonstrably has broken a trust agreement with the Republican Party and me, per se, and has shown that she will cynically do so into the future.

Note: Under my given name, I voted for Senator Lisa Murkowski in previous Primary and general state elections. I voted for her father, Senator Frank Murkowski, and I did not contribute to Joe Miller's campaign. I did support Miller this time around because he appeared to be in support of the Republican party's platform. Lisa has turned too far left.

Having witnessed events as they unfolded, I will contribute to his legal fund.  It is the least that I can now do in defense of Joe Miller, and my voting rights as was intended under the Voting Rights Act.  Here  The state can in no way abridge my rights through fraud and or manipulation. It clearly appears that they have acted inappropriately, if not criminally.