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Catholics in Name Only: Obama's Plan for the Catholic Church

True Lay Catholics are Fighting Back

Ever wonder what craziness is going on in the Catholic Church? Take a look here.
Who wants this video gone? Hmm, maybe:

or maybe

Unlike Limbaugh, Alaska's Senator, Lisa Murkowski, wants Obama to succeed and is putting her votes on the line as proof of her fealty. Move over, Lord.  Lisa is going to change the world and the faith. Career trumps the true faith.


Alaska's Back Scratchers

In my view:

 By Clotilde Frazier (c) December 2010.  All rights reserved

Editors note:  This article was evolved from a long-term effort to develop a personality profile. Field tests suggest that it is a very useful theoretical forecasting tool.  Comments below were influenced by my findings.

Formerly brave 'n' bold, defanged independent Alaskans of old have largely faded away and have lost their voting rights franchise.  Predators didn't like the November election's outcomes and decided to change the rules (deconstruct the Republic).

Neighbors, friends and leaders appear to have been significantly out-strategized and replaced by Metro-tacticians who were transplanted from dark regions, where the bully's body politic rules in place of the "Power of One."  I am repulsed! 

Who ARE these bullies  who have absconded with my suffrage rights?  With only seventeen years residency, I feel more like a sourdough than the original, and that includes Lisa Murkowski.  Based on her conduct, she has identified herself as a back-scratching, spoiled  bully. Shame! 

Lisa's bullies, as I call them,  are the state of Alaska's elitist first generation spoiled brats. They reside in native villages and corporate offices, as well as established newcomer cities and towns. They believe that the world owes them a living and a certain level of empowerment.  Their reasoning? They were born in a certain place at a certain time in space. That's reason enough. 

They are often our national/ local politicians and bureaucrats.  They are legion and can charm or bully, depending on which side they awoke on any given day.  They are essentially an avaricious crowd of cowards and need to use each other to avoid detection.

They share a bully's level of moral development, which hinges on a cynical  value system of, "You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours," and are  now known (for the fun of it) by the acronym: YS-MBA-ISY,  pronounced: (Yes'-maba-isy)  people.  It has an Obama inspired musical sense of rhythm to it.   

Unfortunately for mankind, many of us are predatorally compelled to  reside ensconed in the utilitarian level of moral reasoning. 

The back-scratchers live for "SELF," which makes them immoral and myopic troublemakers when they're are functioning from their dark side.

Unfortunately, they tend to hang with each other.  It makes sense. Who would scratch your back, they surmise, if not mutual user-predators and sellouts.  They can't trust power-of-one thinkers.

Math rules don't hold up with back-scratchers.   A negative times a negative doesn't yield a positive in a moral sense. They get along, but  time shows that mutual use wears thin, and becomes an itch in need of a scratch or rub-out; therefore, they need to blackmail each other, just to keep things from getting out of hand.

Speaking of users: the courts and, native corporation hacks have in effect told the rest of us that there is no room in their sandbox for the rest of us.  Why would we want to join them? Joe Miller tried to use logic, and we saw where that got him.  Those who ascribe to a Power-of-One philosophy, and voted in the primaries, in an effort to change the Alaskan sandbox's' "scratch" mentality, are enemies of the totalitarian state. Too bad we found  ourselves on the honest but losing side of the issue. God has His reasons.  

How badly are we affected by back-scratchers? Answer: immensely, even terminally.  Alaska's  recent November election has some aspects of a Greek Tragedy.  There is a difference though. Instead of the demise of a hero or heroine, the nation as a whole has been mortally wounded and even back-scratchers have been caught up in the post election mess. 

Amazingly, Lisa has the gall to tell Alaskans that we want her, while audaciously introducing a sense of the messianic to her troubled humanistic thought processes . Some might believe her, but I and thousands of others are appalled at her willingness to embrace leftist views, while expecting a similar brand of  dumb blindness  from us. In her faulty thinking, she is incompetent; In her unbridled rebelliousness, she is plain dangerous.

Lisa's  view  of party politics in the false name (red herring) of bipartisanship is irritating.  Does she really think we are blind to her subtrafuge? Her indifference to fraud in the election process is alarming, and we are not forgetting her unwillingness to accept honest Republican primary results. 

Who willingly corrupts Native power and an election, then declares her so-called "election" a "miracle?"  Answer: a troubled totalitarian underling who has sold her soul.  She has demonstrated that her need  for power is boundless and without conscience.  She is untrustworthy!What can be said of this election-injustice?  Clear-sighted individuals coming together to hopefully form a "[m]ore perfect union" have been unfortunately overcome by myopic types, like Murkowski, who endanger the election process' power-of-one. Her brand of bipartisanship is built on shifting sand. Not good!

Murkowski is badly mistaken. In the face of leftist dishonesty, we can't come together. Can oil mix with water? This is spiritual and political warfare. We form unions first as knowledgeable, moral individuals, not as useful idiots. Murkowski and her cohorts demand idiots. Moreover, politicians, and we the people, need santifying grace to make our way out of this mess.. Christ uttered the following warning not only to Peter, but to us for our time: Luke 22:31 "And the Lord said,  'Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: ...'"

How did we get to the equivalent of third world elections?  Answer: We blundered into Satan's sphere in the early sixties and beyond. As he was busily sifting, some welcomed him into their lives. Finding him comely and familiar, many trustingly greeted and embraced  the Sifter  as they would a familiar friend, with whom they shared many commonalities. In the continuum, many rebellious risk-takers, like Lisa Murkowski, refused God's version of rule-driven freedom. She and others preferred Satan's free-for-all version in the form of anarchy. The rest is history.
God help Alaska and the United States of America.  God help us all!  May He give Joe Miller the insight and strength to take the Alaskan people's case to the U.S. Supreme Court. Pray for his success. Pray that the dawning of the age of heroes and the demise of back-scratchers is near. And pray that Lisa Murkowski will repent her attack on the people of Alaska. It is a good thing when the Sifter fails in his mission.

 1. Source: The Holy Bible Douay Rheims Version

Friday, November 19, 2010

Vandals at the Gates

The rule-breakers have gone too far in Alaska’s recent elections. The subsequent outrage is palatable and will grow as my fellow Americans discover the depths to which the Murkowski crew has sunk. They have declared war and I am responding. My children and their children require no less.

These past days, I have watched Alaska’s Senator Lisa Murkowski’s despicable and unwarranted attacks on former governor, Sarah Palin. Evidently these two women have a history. It appears that attacks on Palin are diversionary tactics: they serve as cover-ups for voter ballot criminality and other malfeasance taking place behind the scenes.

Senator Lisa Murkowski has treated Alaska’s Republican Primary voters as enemies. Take a look at ciminality and what passes for a voter’s ballots in the State of Alaska.


Who are the people that wanted Senator Murkowski to override the election process? I can’t say. But someone needs to conduct a forensic audit to discover who changed (stole) votes. Whose handwriting was repetitively used on many ballots?

Not to be out done by Internationalists’ scorched earth tactics, Lisa Murkowski has shown that she will eagerly go along with corruptible surrogates to achieve her fraudulent UN-American ends.

Is it possible that Lisa, a sell-out Republican, who had a noble platform to guide her, but rejected it, would think that her transgressions against the rule of the law and the people would be forgiven? Why wouldn’t she? She has succeeded and we easily forget. But, will we this time?

Dissatisfied with her alliance’s undoing of loyal Republican voters, Lisa went on to execute a scorched earth policy as she was [assigned]? to look for real or imagined enemies, and became the leftist media’s useful darling.

The media's Katie Couric et al, could not lure Sarah Palin into daffy, snippy, braggadocio, exhibited by Murkowski. Couric did all that she could to contain herself as Lisa snootily chatted on about a contrived, out-of-context diversion, ala Sarah Palin.  Here

As yet, Joe Miller had not yet said that he was requesting a recount based on evidence. The nation had turned its short attention span to matters associated with airport security's inappropriate touching and Sarah Palin. Soros must have been ecstatic.

Tonight, I wonder if our leaders are stable and competent, and can be trusted to make sound decisions for modern Alaska in the face of impending disasters, dire distractions, saber rattling with Russia and China, and a powerful native population which aligns itself with the UN.

We in Alaska are about to be tested. The test is this: enemies and their allies continue to create distractions with the intent to undo the will of the people. They did it to Sarah Palin. Joe Miller is the latest fatality of Alaska’s rough ‘n’ tumble, anti-social politics.

Looking for our weaknesses, our enemies found them with Murkowski's help, and they proceeded to undo the dream of "One," Our Senator has cynically engaged in the divisive process of terminally dividing the people along the lines of Ancients vs. Newcomers.

Are we strong, wise, competent, stable and generous enough to avoid a collision with the massive socialist/communist ship-of-state? I believe we are in trouble. Senator Murkowski hasn't protected us from a possible Collision; she is insuring one. Consequently, Joe, with his contextually driven judgment-calls, appears to be the more malleable of the two. By using her power against the Republican Primary, Lisa's flaws outweigh his.

The discord Lisa Murkowski sows is personal. It is MY vote that she and others are attempting to steal through a process of power, wealth, hurdles, and negation. In effect, her actions contravene my civil rights while she uses her immense influence with native Alaskans to diminish my effect. Shame!

- I believe that PACs and Lisa Murkowski, with the help of useful bureaucrats, acted with malice-of-forethought, to effectuate unfair outcomes in the Republican Party's Primary Election, thereby creating hurdles that effectually deny me important rights.

- Murkowski et al., have, de facto, destroyed established institutional voting practices, and, in so doing, they function unfairly as empowered bullies, who have caused the diminishment and effectiveness of my statutory voting franchise, which was achieved through a lawful legislative process.

- I am helpless to effectively fight for my established franchise and suffrage, and fear that my full citizen-rights are jeopardized and may be lost.

- I am not the sole target in this despicable process. Even if Senator Murkowski loses her race, she has significantly and capriciously harmed my potential voice, my candidate, Joe Miller.

- I believe that Senator Murkowski means to deny Mr. Joe Miller a mandate, and by extension she obstructs my influence on the legislative process. Her actions plead "Outlaw-wise," and are expressions of the same raw power currently exercised by President Barack Obama.

- Senator Murkowski works de facto to deny the nation at large an effective governing voice, and in so doing, she destroys a specific trust between herself and ”We the people," - that is - the duty of fair representation.


Unless reasonable people act long-term to counter the Murkowski/Soros/(Social) Democrat's march to insurrection, History will record that we will have been the first State in the Union to allow entrenched socialist bureaucrats to willfully obstruct and negate the will of the Alaskan people, and by extension, the whole of the American nation. We are the sum of our parts.

How does she do it? She uses willing accomplices, including wealthy protected (corporate) “minorities: against other Alaskans.

Senator Murkowski demonstrably has broken a trust agreement with the Republican Party and me, per se, and has shown that she will cynically do so into the future.

Note: Under my given name, I voted for Senator Lisa Murkowski in previous Primary and general state elections. I voted for her father, Senator Frank Murkowski, and I did not contribute to Joe Miller's campaign. I did support Miller this time around because he appeared to be in support of the Republican party's platform. Lisa has turned too far left.

Having witnessed events as they unfolded, I will contribute to his legal fund.  It is the least that I can now do in defense of Joe Miller, and my voting rights as was intended under the Voting Rights Act.  Here  The state can in no way abridge my rights through fraud and or manipulation. It clearly appears that they have acted inappropriately, if not criminally.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Revisiting Hate Crimes Legislation

(c) August 14, 2010


Hate Crimes Legislation Will Give A Select Few Power

By Clotilde Frazier

This was written under my given name and was sent to Alaska’s Senator Frank Murkowski, during the Clinton administration. The question now asked is: were my concerns unfounded?

The hate crimes agenda is a political tool that undermines free speech and limits freedom of thought to a select few. As a female victim of crime, I have some thoughts about attempts to characterize certain crimes as acts of hate.

First: all crimes, past and present, leave an indelible mark. Criminal conduct effecutuates hate, anger, frustration, a feeling of helplessness, a sense of isolation, general loss, permanent emotional scarring and economic loss. Is it, therefore, possible to predict outcomes where hateful thoughts dominate? It may be possible, but a potential for a high margin of error remains.

I am asking: is it possible to dissect criminal conduct and come up with a cause with certainty? I don’t think so. Etiology is always a complex issue, one that lacks specificity because we are complicated and paradoxical beings.

When my life was threatened, I felt that it was a violent, impersonal and evil act. I faced individuals who were: 1. on a mission, 2. were looking for a scapegoat, 3. were out-of-control, 4. were power abusers, 5. were habituated criminals and political operatives, 6. were bent on using fear and intimidation as a means of destroying my right to think and speak, 7. and were known drug abusers.

Are criminal acts, then, the result of specific malevolent drives? Or are they the result of something specific that victims say or do?

I suspect that criminal acts stem from myriad convoluted causes buried in soul and psyche, and have unpredictable triggers, but I can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Neither can Congress or anyone else.

I am not willing to define a so-called hate crime in qualitative terms. However, for the sake of argument, I believe hate and rage find their roots somewhere in a maze of maladaptive defense mechanisms, leaving soul and psyche malformed and undefended.

I ask Congress: can you or your fellow legislators say with indisputable certainty and specificity that there is such a thing as a “hate” crime, unique in injury that requires special legislation?

If you are certain, is your certainty such that you believe your colleagues have wisdom enough to write a law that addresses human intent and the range of chaotic human emotions that help to create intent?

Because I believe we are born flawed spirits who, nonetheless, were made in the Creator’s image, it follows that I believe that all crime is hateful, inhumane and unpredictable. But, I also think that the first victim of a crime is the perpetrator, because he or she has acquiesced to evil, placing the soul in jeopardy.

As for the proposed “Hate Law” legislation, it is frightening that ambitious leaders want to qualify crime in terms that presume to categorize an individual’s state of mind. Are we now into thought control? I pray not, the possibilities are too frightful.

To grow morally, my conscience must be unfettered by man-made restrictions. I am obliged, by moral law and conscience, to love God and humankind with certainty, wisdom, strength and passion. At the same time, I am to hate destructive (evil) conduct with equal ardor. To do otherwise would be lukewarm and essentially dishonest.

If conduct is despicable, I am bound to say so and offer alternatives. The law does that every day. If I give voice to my rational thoughts, are the President and his cohorts proposing to legislatively wash my brain and conscience through coercive law? It sounds like it to me.

In Communist countries, like laws ultimately led to many Gulags and resulted in the engineered death of the undefended, as well as the politically and religiously incorrect. Estimates of atrocities are astounding and give credence to my greatest fears, especially when I consider that no one has proposed that we punish the perpetrators through an international Tribunal.

History has shown that totalitarianism’s Socialistic construct is not benign. Records provide irrefutable evidence that Communism, through its socialistic face, became a deadly force in the hands of those able to grab, abuse, and hold power.

A new book proves my point. Using documents of record, the multiple authors of, The Black Book of Communism, expose the horrific incremental excesses of totalitarian Communist Socialism, wherever it has planted roots. Throughout the Communist empire, documents attest to the deaths of over one hundred-million hapless people, whose main offense was to think and speak in ways different from power holders.

We are not there yet, but incrementally we are well on our way to fully yielding to tyrannical powers. We are being surrounded by evil doers as mindless distractions lull feckless consciences to sleep.

We, the people, have seen the results of Machiavellian machinations which attack freedoms, including speech. In effect, we have been blindly led to become a brave, now, increasingly engineered captive and servile people. Doesn’t the master tell the enslaved how to think and act?

Presidential governance by fiat, with the assistance of the judiciary and legislature, threatens freedom and divides the nation by design. Independent, free men and women are just too difficult to govern (oppress) in a brave, new, one-world order.

However, deep-structure, it is the tyranny of the minority that threatens us through provocation, excess, selfishness and abuse of power. It is the tyranny of the demagogue and restive special interest groups that force us down destruction’s path. We need something better.

We need a moral imperative, built upon balanced self-examination, self-discipline, responsible conduct, knowledge, truth, and the freedom to speak openly, reasonably and unselfishly to leaders et al. There is both experience and an historic precedence for my views. It was the grassroots moral core of this nation that freed the oppressed from slavery and gender abuse. It was that moral core that spoke out against all forms of tyranny, and in time the core was followed by the elite power holders. By the grace of God, I was formed by that core and acted accordingly.

I ask you, my representatives, to effectively stand against the proposed Hate Crimes Act, and its sister Employment Act, which promotes some individuals, while attacking others through false and bad law, with bad outcomes. Entrapment awaits us if we hesitate. The force of the Communist/Socialist experience is full upon us in all its overt/covert forms.

Should you fail to successfully squelch this attempt to set the stage for a Socialist One-World Order, with the so-called Man of Destiny as dictator, your children’s children and mine will live or die cursing your lack of will, greed, insight, and cowardliness.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polish President and Important Hierarchy Lost to Poland In Air Crash of Questionable Cause

Katyn Revisited part one

By Clotilde Frazier all rights reserved

The Third Republic of Poland has been dealt a mortal blow.  Its president has been killed and its vital leaders from the military to finance are lost to that woeful country. Under the leadership of President Lech Kaczyinski, Poland was our loyal ally, and although we don't know it yet, we, too, have been dealt a mortal blow. Few spilled their blood with our troops.  The hopeful Poles did. It is unlikely that we will see help like this again.   

Under the cynical leadership of President Barack H. Obama, Poland was abandoned by our country. Obama's deceit was and remains shameful. The people of the United States mourn for the people of Poland and their proud President. 

A Pro Russian View of Kaczyinski 

Let us leave Poland's loss and appropriately focus on the question of why President Kaczyinski and important personages were headed to Russia.  The simple answer is: they were determined to memorialize the Russian NKVD 's clandestine massacre of twenty-two thousand Polish officers in the Katyn forest, near Smolensk, Russia.  

There is a strong sense that the death of Kaczyinski and his important entourage is a matter of History repeating itself.  Given the facts, heavenly justice requires that the world at large return to Katyn, where souls were lost. The world must remove the cause of Katyn's festering, hidden wound.

Emboldened  by the Obama presidency, the Russians have been doing their utmost to intimidate the Poles.  The unfortunate turn of events was most strongly felt when they held war games in the region. Kaczyinski appeard unphased and seemed to hold to his anti Neo-Soviet views, despite President Obama's abandonment.

With Kaczyinski's death, the ghost of Katyn seems to have now reappeared  as a warning to the West. As with the first Katyn forest murders in 1940, the Neo-Soviets suspiciously look again like  murderous  perpetrators, who are  [again] intent on denying Poland its most gifted citizens. 

One wonders how the Katyn 2010 story will be spun.  Our communist inspired, useful and capitulating president need not worry about a similar fate since he is one of them. Here.

Do we care about the lessons of Katyn? Any one watching Russia's moves around the world as they arm enemies of the USA, cannot help but view their acts as hostile. They have a history of manipulating useful idiots in various countries to attack us. It wasn't Russian  NKVD/KGB blood that was shed in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc. Their Cuban minions controlled Africa, South America etc.  Their Chinese allies fought us in Korea and Vietnam. 

Adroit, cowardly, stealthy killers, Russia's NKVD/ KGB leadership's  Modus operandi appears unchanged.  As with the first Katyn outrage, history will preside over the cause of yesterday's massacre.The coming convoluted  post mortem will no doubt in time pinpoint the real perpertrators. In the mean time the world will be fed red herrings.  

During World War II the Soviet NKVD assassinated Polish prisoners in Katyn Forest. They were the best of  Poland's officer corps.  Their skills would have been used to restore Poland to a leadership position after the defeat of Germany.

The Russian (sic) communist leadership could ill-afford a well prepared Christian rival on its border. Having destroyed the Russian people,  communists were poised, with the help of Western industrialists, to spread atheism's  domination and godless  theory throughout the world. 

During the wind-up of WWII, General G. Patton pleaded with General Dwight D. Eisenhower to let him fight on to defeat the communist threat.  Patton was punished for the thought. The communists had penetrated our own government and industrial centers of power.

"I do not believe in communism any more than you do but there is nothing wrong with the Communists in this country; several of the best friends I have got are Communists."  Roosevelt, Franklin D.
 Source: President FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, conversation with Representative Martin Dies at the White House, as reported by Dies.Congressional Record, September 22, 1950, vol. 96, Appendix, p. A6832.  - Source

Addressing the WWII Katyn forest massacre in Smolensk, and alluding to a similarity,  former president Aleksander Kwaƛniewski told TVN24 that “It is a cursed place. It sends shivers down my spine. First the flower of the Second Polish Republic is murdered in the forests around Smolensk, now the intellectual elite of the Third Polish Republic die in this tragic plane crash when approaching Smolensk airport.”  Spot on.  The Neo-Soviet's want a weakened, faux Catholic Poland. 

Katyn? Why should we care?  Look at our troops in Afghanistan.  That important airfield in Tajikistan has long been manipulated into the Neo-Soviet camp.  "In February 2009, president Rahmonov announced that he would allow [only] nonmilitary supplies bound to support the NATO effort in Afghanistan to transit through his country. Alternate supply routes were needed in light of neighboring Kyrgyzstan's announcement that it would shut down a major U.S. support facility--Manas air base."  Emphasis mine -

The old Soviet model didn't die, it merely "changed." Long ago and far away the Russian's have been dominant in the region with, guess who? [Iran], as their partner. Source: Inter Press Service English News Wire


Analysis by Dilip Hiro

LONDON, Feb. 24 (IPS) -- The weekend pact signed between the Tajik government and its Islamist opposition shows the deepening friendship between Iran and Russia that has developed since the break-up of the Soviet Union in late 1991. By the same token it means a setback to Washington's policy of isolating Teheran and, not the least, it effectively signifies an end to the near five-year-old civil war in Tajikistan thanks to Russian and [Iranian] cooperation. Emphasis mine. And you want to believe that Iran is operating alone?

Think of 200,000 American troops being caught in a spiders web... and maybe you will figure it out. They, like the WWII Polish Officers, are a vital well-trained link to our survival.  The point was made in the Movie Katyn that you can build tanks, but you cannot replace a well trained soldier.  The Poles found that out. Are we about to repeat history in Afghanistan? Maybe!Pray for our troops, for communist Dominion was predicted at Fatima.  

Watch the movie, Katyn,  for an understanding of the history that changed and enslaved the world. The first four parts are presented in this blog as an invitation, so that you will have eyes to see and ears to hear.  This excellent movie is fully available on Utube.  Buy the DVD if you can. Cyclical  History is repeating itself.  While you are at it, true Catholics,  take out your rosaries and pray.

Katyn Pt one

Katyn pt two

Katyn pt three

Katyn pt four

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Vatican II's Twisted Tree and Rotten Fruit: Rebellion Against God - Predatory Priests and Their Enablers: part ten

The Salt Has Lost its Flavor!

Whitewashed Sepulchres, Keep Your Hands Off Our Children! Enable No More! Rebel No More! Groom no more!

by Clotilde Frazier copyright 2010

Illustration copyright mm 2010
All rights reserved

In the Face of Injustice

Extraordinary things happen when you seek truth - out of nowhere relevant facts appear. Suddenly you find more information than you can bear. You cry, pray, shout to heaven and ask what  you can do to help stop the madness. Then comes the inner-voice:

 "In the face of injustice, you cannot remain silent. Silence is consent! Clearly, you never consented to the destruction of Holy Mother Church or  her hope for the future: her young boys. 'Be not afraid' to defend the true church and the true faith. Distinguish them from the false faith, the false church. Somewhere a child is waiting to be rescued. 

"Remember your confirmation vows i.e., to fight for the faith as a soldier of Christ.  Hold fast to certainty's truthful sword. It is your best defense against falsity's deadly baiters and VII's 'freedom of conscience' tricksters -  use it wisely and bravely."

To the Flavorless Salt:

You have been vile, preyed on our youth and have branded yourself a malefactor. For the sake of your soul, you must stop your murderous acts, beg your victims for their forgiveness, publicly confess your sins, leave and do sincere penance, while trusting in God's mercy and forgiveness;

You have broken your vows to God. For the sake of your soul, you must  confess, do sincere penance, while trusting in God's mercy and forgiveness;

You have conveniently used lies and maladaptive survival mechanisms to assuage a sick conscience.  For the sake of your soul, you must root out evil's influence, purge the father of lies from within you, confess and do sincere penance, while trusting in God's mercy and forgiveness; 

You have harmed the Bride of Christ, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and brought scandal to her and her children.  For the sake of your soul, publicly confess, withdraw and do sincere penance, while trusting in God's mercy and forgiveness.

You and we "[h]ave left the warmth and joy of [God's] house to eat husks with the swine..."  Repent with us!  You have been rightly exposed. Exposure may be the means by which God's grace is working for your salvation.  

Click picture to enlarge
I can do no more to show how much I love you

Allan Placa NY - Alleged Homosexuality - Cover-up
on behalf of pederast/homosexual priests (sic)

Ireland's Child Abusers

Homosexual Priests (sic) in the Vatican

Obstruction's Enablement in the Vatican

Homosexual priest (sic) rebels and resists
God's definition of sin. To those who tolerate
and applaud unrepentant sinners, are you
aware of your complicity?

Concupiscence heterosexual (lust)

Read below how preversion grooms its victims

Brazilians saw this on TV.  Pray for the true
Alter Christus - he has a huge cross to carry.

Outrage expresses itself in the form of a defiant

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

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More coming to America

Comrade Students it is Time to Put the Old Guard to Sleep They Have Outlived Their Usefulness.  The great O wants them to shut-up.

This is what Rep. Dingell Michigan's 15th Congressional District Really Wants to Achieve

"To control the people"

In his own words

And then there is Rep. (impeached judge) Alcee Hastings

"To Break the Rules by Denying There Are Any"

In his own words

And then there is full metal jacket, liberal, Maxine Waters, spilling the beans

We Socialists will take over your companies

In her own words

And who was watching all the while along with the communists?

El Rushbo!

And then there is Glenn Beck and Ben Stein

Blast! Too Big to Fail

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


 [Ya think]?

By Clotilde Frazier c 2010
Non commercial art illustrations copyright protected 2010

These 40 days for Life people are despicable baby loving busybodies who believe in fairytales.  Children, they obfuscate. Don't believe a word they say. Listen to my true tale about Karl Marx.  Forget he had a family.  If he had lived today, he would have been a single, wink, wink, radical environmentalist.  Would I lie to you?

Once upon a time Karl Marx dreamed of  a classless society, but knew it would be hard to create, due to heterosexual lust and lack of creativity. He was a good, brilliant, but frustrated married man. Marriage is soo passe today . 

In two laborious days he created a plan designed to create theoretical boxes, into which people would be assigned  if they thought too much, and didn't conform to his safe view of things.

It is never good to think.  Conformity, on the other hand, creates good Worker Bee teams. 

They say that God created the world in seven days.  Marx created his in two days.  Now THAT is a miracle.
To fight our enemies, we must know them. Your homework assignment is to read the Black Book of Communism. It is filled with lies, nothing but lies. Take my word for it [I wouldn't con you]. You must learn how the enemy thinks and misleads through obfuscation.  Unlike our foes, we speak truth, convenient or not. We never mislead, as do  the 40 days for Life cretins. They are soo heterosexually conventional and useless. We, on the other hand are very unconventional - useful - anarchist/communists. 

That aside: stupid, trouble-making, freedom-lover, capitalist-liars, and bad former communists falsely claim the BBC book is a blueprint on how  to kill God-loving people, who [tragically] respect and love life! 

We on the other hand want to die for the State, don't we children? Death is so environmentally friendly and progressive. To die for the state: now that is true love.  I can't wait for the day when I take my own Logan's Run and am extinguished.  Poof into air - just like that.  On the other hand, I can choose to go with less fan-fare and be made into Soylent Green food.  Did I tell you I belong to the Church of Euthanasia? Its four pillars are: Suicide, Abortion, Cannibilism, and Sodomy.

It is wonderful to be useful. Just like the despicable heterosexual's unborn waste material: their brains are sucked out and used for experimentation and stem cell research. Their useful body parts replace defective organs in others.  Their disposal has given rise to a useful industry all over the world.  Jobs and money - we always need them.

The fact that the 40 Days for Life fools resist such grand usefulness is proof of their group defect.  I digress - forgive me.  Back to the Black Book of Communism.

You will be tested on the book's contents. Those who fail their test will be consigned to reeducation camps in North Korea. Don't worry -  the beatings aren't all that bad.  SMS  and starvation diets help to take off unwanted, unhealthy pounds. Our beloved First Lady, Michele, approved the weight-loss program. 

Those scoring in the "C" range will be sent to China as community volunteers.  They will help our fellow communists to clean up after the recent violent, red dust- storm that was created from too much CO2 pollution [all caused by America]. Ignore those that want to blame it on those dams our dear comrades have built. 

Former Vice President, Al Gore, will organize the project.  I know, I know, he is a bore, but we need his repetitous regurgitations to keep you numbed, uh, I mean focused; remember, no thinking allowed and always use the inverse when deflecting inconvenient facts. 

 As our great "O" pro-exterminator leader, Obama, tells us: use the pro-choice mantra, "Forty Days for Death," during the great Satan's high unholy days.  I love inversions don't you? 

As the great "O" said, root out the pro-lifers - "get in their faces" and shout  our Pledge of Allegiance: "From each according to his ability to each according to his need" [excluding of course unborn heterosexual useful unborn waste]. If anyone asks why there isn't a clear concept of a middle class  - obfuscate!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Vatican II's Twisted Tree and Rotten Fruit: Supressing the Message of Fatima part nine

It is said that Satan was allowed to cull and destroy Christ's Church as much as possible.  His success has been breathtaking and this is his final battle. Still, many fight on for Mother Church, her priests and her faithful flock. 

One significant voice among few has spoken on behalf of our Lady and her message from God.  Bless you Father Gruner. We are with you in prayer, action and treasure.

Pray with fervor for our priests.  If they are lost, so are we.

Take time to listen to Father's interview on radio about the third secret of Fatima.  It is compelling and a necessary boost to recover any faith you have lost.

For those who never had faith, Father's example, dedication and simple love for our Lady's own loyalty is a wonderful gift, and will serve to refresh those who came into a godless world without hope of obtaining the armor of sanctifying grace.

Father Gruner's faith reminds us that God forgives those who repent and turn back to Him. Our blessed Mother, Mary, has fought hard for us.  It is a pity to deny her solice for the lost sheep.

CF [a sinner]


Audio One

Audio Two

Audio Three

Audio Four

Audio Five

Audio Six

Audio Seven

Audio Eight

Audio Nine

Audio Ten

Audio Eleven

Audio Twelve

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vatican II's Twisted Tree and Rotten Fruit: Lovin' Com-Socialism: part eight

Gamesman-tactician, Chicago-Com-'Bama: and to think the Vatican Loves Him! But then, why not -  the Vatican is unCatholic 

Click to enlarge

Graphic source unknown. Let me know...
The Vatican loves this unCatholic commie-nun, too.  Note the overcoming, smile.

Chicago's Dominican Sister Donna Quinn [in good standing]. Thinking about an abortion? The militant feminist and leftist nun will take you there and probably hold your hand.
Her coalition creditials [important read]:

  • Chicago Catholic[sic] Women  1974

  • founder of The Women's Ordination Conference 1976

  • leader of WomenChurch

"All of these [communist] organizations reject Catholic teaching  on abortion, homosexuality and the male priesthood. Her biography states that her favorite causes are reproductive choice, equal rights, lesbian and gay rights..." Emphasis mine. 
 - Source Traditio
And they excommunicated saintly Archbishop Lefebvre? Non Possumus!  How did the Com-socialists overtake that which is God's - the Catholic Church?  Think, people, think. 

Question: If non-catholic, non-christian moles can invade the church, why not a communist aka tyrant in our political ranks?

Judge a VII tree AND a president by its/his fruit?  SISI!

New illustration coming soon

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"We ask of the Church of God faith. No more, no less."

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle

Oh priest, how I long to hear your quiet certainty.  It is my fault, my most grievious fault that I did not pray enough for your protection.

Clotilde Frazier

Introduction: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre SSPX

Lefebvre's Consecrations

Where Lefebvre Left off, His Sons Continue

Father Daniel Couture, District Superior of Asia for the Society of St. Pius X. A son of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.


Those of you who struggle to keep the faith: view and listen to Father Couture, as we hope and pray that he will keep the faith intact  -  a gift from Stephen Heiner,   Videos Here and Here.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vatican II's Twisted Tree and Rotten Fruit: The Spider to the Fly part six

VII Tricksters at Work: Caution

The Spider and the Fly

                                                   Mary Howitt

A Call to Arms Parody of Her Wise-Telling Poem

Will you walk into my [Vatican II] parlour?" said the Spider to the Fly,
'Tis the prettiest [painless] little parlour that ever you did spy;
The way into my [Vatican II] parlour is up a [non straight] winding stair,
And I've a many [invalid] curious things to shew when you are there."

Oh no, no," said the [conservative] little Fly, "to ask me is in vain,
For who goes up your [non straight] winding stair can ne'er come down again."
"I'm sure you must be [time's on my side]weary, dear, with soaring up so high;
Will you rest upon my little [hell] bed?" said the Spider to the Fly.
"There are pretty curtains drawn around; the [ill-seen] sheets are fine and thin,
And if you like to rest awhile, I'll [lie 'n]snugly [chain] tuck you in!"

Oh no, no," said the little Fly, "for I've often [Council of Trent]heard it said,
They never, never wake again, who [trust 'n don't verify ] sleep upon your bed!"
Said the [devilish] cunning Spider to the Fly, " Dear friend what can I do,
To prove [with smok'n mirrors] the warm affection I 've always felt for you?
I have within my [bag-of-tricks] pantry, good store of all that's nice;
I'm sure you're very welcome ['til you think] -- will you please to take a slice?"

"Oh no, no," said the little Fly, "kind Sir [blindsighted], that cannot be,
I've heard [losing certainty] what's in your pantry, and I do not wish to see!"
"Sweet creature!" said the Spider, "you're [dim]witty and you're wise,
How handsome [flattery] are your gauzy wings, how brilliant are your eyes!
I've a little looking-glass upon my [VII] parlour shelf,
If you'll step in one moment, dear, you [blindly] shall [vainly] behold yourself."

"I thank you, gentle [HA!]sir," she said, "for what you 're pleased to say,
And bidding you good morning now, I'll [fall'n] call another day."
The [VII] Spider turned him round about, and went into his [VII] den,
For well he knew the silly [conservative] Fly would soon come back again:
So he wove a [Motu Proprio] subtle web, in a little corner sly,
And set his [dinner] table ready, to [hellishly] dine upon the Fly.
Then he came out to his door again, and merrily did [novus ordo] sing,

"Come hither, [compromise] hither, pretty Fly, with the pearl and silver wing;
Your robes are [misguided]green and purple -- there's a crest upon your head;
Alas, alas! how very soon this silly little Fly,
Hearing his [trickster's] wily, flattering words, came slowly flitting by;

With buzzing [Fellay-like]wings she hung aloft, then near and nearer drew,
Thinking only of her [wishful] brilliant eyes, and green and purple hue --
Thinking only of her [dream of one]crested head -- poor foolish thing! At last,
Up jumped the cunning [VII] Spider, and fiercely held her fast.
He dragged her up his [non straight] winding stair, into his dismal [VII]den,
Within his [death's door] little parlour -- but she ne'er came out again!

And now dear little [conservative] children, who may this story read,
To idle, silly flattering words, I pray you ne'er give heed:
Unto an evil [VII] counsellor, close heart and ear and eye,
And take a lesson from this tale, of the Spider and the Fly.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Appropriate Tools for a Just War with Radical Islam: Real Heroes, Knowledge, Truth, and Guts

CAIR  vs  ACT for America's  Determined Female - Surviving the Politically Correct Crowd

Brigitte Gabriel's years in an undergound shelter in Lebanon served to prepare her as a future warrior for an ongoing war between radical Islam and the World. She continuously asks for our participation and help.  Pray America that she succeeds. 

Unfortunately the men are losing the battles.  Maybe she can motivate enough of us to win the war against radical Islam.  But first let's look at those we think of as leaders. 

Poor Me Works

Using their minority status as a tool to silence criticism, radical Islamists are exploiting  the courts , and our ignorance,  to silence populations everywhere, especially here in America. 

The Money Source: Muslims world wide

The well-financed  Hawala system allows radical Islamists to instigate behind the scenes using our court system. Radicals know that businesses  and governments cannot sustain the bottomless well of wealth that comes to them from the Brotherhood.  But, knowledge, too, is power. Gabriel knows who the enemy is; we do not -  that is why we need her generalship.  In time, we may all understand the Brotherhood's predictable, violent core and resist silly platitudes.

Islam is Not A Religion

Islam is not a "side-to-side" religious system, wherein they can be compared to other religions.  The cult is foremost  a brotherhood of true believers and as such allows for a war-like, "socio-political-religious" system intent on imposing its violent male-dominated will on others. 

Open a Qur'an  and you will see the word "brotherhood."  As such, it is a misogynous warrior cult, much like Hitler's facistic women-hating Brown-shirts. 

We need to push back against Islam's religious aspects in order to unveil its primary fascistic, evolutionary mission.  An interesting  perspective relative to the fascist side of Islam can be found here.

The Useful and Their Neologisms

Politicians,  President Bush,Obama, and the   now deceased Pope JPII, and others, continuouly presented  Islam to the world as a "religion of peace:" peace - no matter the price - even if it means the loss of one's soul. 

The neologism, "religion of peace" must be discarded as unhelpful and, in fact, misleading. There is a cruel irony in the fact that Islam means peace. The innocent children and christian worshipers whom they  have murdered would have us spurn that label.  It is a cleverly crafted label meant to overcome those who are targeted as subhuman. 

We Lost Certainty with the Loss of Heroes

We live in a world of smoke and mirrors and complex, fallen heroes. In the view of many, Pope John Paul II misled and committed a public act of  heresy when he symbolically  kissed the Qur'an.

JPII seemed to say that he accepted Islam's book of the brotherhood as an equal to the gospels of Jesus Christ.  While he didn't actually say as much, he knew that symbolism can trump truth as  esoteric messages passed through tarot cards, where everything is open to interpretation. 

The Pope should have passed the book and kissed the gift-giver. One wonders why he ignored Christ's warning to speak and act with simple straight-forwardness, for all else comes from the "devil."

When Facts on the Ground Are Ignored and  Replaced by Wishful Thinking

Despite the fact that many tried, without undue cynicism, to understand JPII's response, the reality is that the Pope in effect  kicked many helpless mideastern minority Christians under the proverbial bus. Islam's answer came  six-years later in 2005 when little Christian girls were beheaded by radical members of the brotherhood's warrior [female-hating] cult. 

Bullies Do Not Favorably Respond to Weakness

Much of the secular world sighed inane approval, as the Pope showed that Liberation Theology trumped the spiritual and efficacious role of  true Roman Catholic, sacrificial priests. Below is one Muslim' response to the Pope.

We Love the Gutsy: but Sometimes There is a Negative Caveat

By comparison, the covert/overt sinner, Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of New York City, appeared more virtuous (sic) than JPII when he refused the Saudi's offer of money after 9/11/01. 

It didn't occur to us that Guiliani knew it was good press to refuse Prince Alwaleed's offer of money. His personal life was coming to light and the facts exposed him as a badly flawed leader. 

Moreover, his mistakes in judgment during the immediate aftermath of the attack opened him to criticism. The question persists: Would Rudy have accepted  the check offered by Prince Alwaleed if the Prince had  not suggested that the US brought the attack on itself?  Guiliani was a creation of celebrity and we were blind-sighted.

Second Thoughts

At the time we thought: "Good, here is a man who stands up to corruption." Later, we learned that our "hero" reportedly protected and continues to protect a corrupt  priest and life-long friend, Alan J. Placa. Traditio Oct 26 Here. Here. Duplicity knows no bounds and we continue to long for truth and trustworthy, virtuous heroes. 

"The Truth Will Set You Free"

The true Catholic trusts Christ's admonition to seek the truth, for He said it would set [us] free.  His words  stand the test of time and context, unlike Islam's misleading and nefarious subtexts.  It is time to put on our spiritual hearing aids and listen for Christ's crystal-clear directives and demand wise leaders.

Politicians with Agendas
What about the other "useful" perpetrators of Islam's false front? President Bush et al. not only referred to the war-like cult of Islam as a "religion of peace," he did so many times. Obama bows before killers' veiled leadership.  We have been manipulated and lied to; all the while our troops are maimed and die. Enough! 

What We Should Do to Protect Our Troops and the Homefront

We, the people need to call-out the misleading minions and push back.  We aren't asking for perfection. Decency, honestly, knowledge, and truth will be good for starters.  We need to know the truth behind the motivation of the politically correct "tolerance" crowd, even when one of its members is a pope.

Enter a Little Woman with A Powerful Punch

   Brigitte in her own words: Video One - Video two: How Americans Face Down the Domestic Moles

Video One

Video two

Brigitte, may God protect you and the men and women that help you.  We will be praying for your success and offering help as we can,  But, please, don't do anything stupid or self-serving.  Remember, we need heroes. Closeted enemies in all their forms, past and present, have done enough damage. 

(c)   Clotilde Frazier