Thursday, January 14, 2010


Natural Disaster and Anarchy: The dark Side of Haiti Unfolds

[Re: a group of Haitians living in Toronto]"Some of the attendants, frustrated by Haiti's political leadership, said that any aid that goes down to Haiti needs to be monitored so it doesn't fall into the hands of corrupt government officials"   Source: Toronto Sun

A Volatile Mix: Haiti's History of Totalitarian Dictatorships Include Voodoo Devil Worship, Anarchy

Chronology and Cast of Characters

The Totalitarian Dictators: Left and Right Extremes

Aristede: former Liberation Theology Catholic Priest, Apostate, and Voodoo Practitioner: The Clinton Connection

Voodoo practitioner Jean Betrand Aristede with his puppet, Bill Clinton


Mr. Clinton, did you say you reinstalled Aristede to bring, um, Democracy to Haiti?  Lie?  Aristede was a psychopathic killer and you call his regime a "Democracy?"

Papa Doc Jean-Claude Duvalier

In his own words

Cometh Pat Robertson - Yes, Pat, there was a deal with the devil. As a matter of fact, there have reportedly been many. Pray for the people of Haiti.  Hopefully, by the grace of God, they can throw-off the chains of voodooism, placed there by their very own "democratic" leader, Aristede, the man who reportedly cast a spell for Clinton's election.

Monday, January 11, 2010



Peel back the onion America


Note: Auditory message after download.

Hmm, I'm taking this email as a sign to explore further:

Forced Dress Code Police in UK

Dress Code: Police in Iran

As you watch this video, remember that it was women guards who brutalized other women in the concentration camps during WWII.  Can U.S. soldiers fight an enemy who look like Nuns without suffering hesitation's deadly effects?  Our soldiers learned in Vietnam that there is a moral price to be paid when fighting off women and children who lob grenades.

The Women (true believers) In Action

A Distracting Human Rights Activist and Entertainer

Mixed Messages

In the video bar, there are more video messages that appear to be in juxtaposition to the original message that Sharia law oppresses women.  Women are not equal and free.  Propaganda? What has that got to do the war we are fighting?  Good people in all nations are subject to manipulation. We saw that similar propaganda was used to mislead Europe before WWII.  It was effective during the Vietnam war. We need to seriously acknowledge and reflect on the fact that warfare is both physical and psychological.

The Image of the Powerful, Iranian, Muslim Woman

 As you can see, in Iran, women are free to develop skills, etc.  They are highly educated and hold jobs traditionally held by men and they are in the majority on college campuses. The nation is obviously mobilizing. One big kink: women are subject to Sharia Law which leans against them. It doesn't appear that they are  unhappy with their religious faith. It is Sharia law, or parts thereof, with which they take issue. In the mean time, they adroitly learn to be good fighters, killers, and they practice skills in the art of seduction and obfuscation.

Red Herrings

There is a concerted effort by the revolutionaries in Iran to make us consider the human cost of going to war, even if their country provokes us, as they continuously have done. Their civil rights issues  are convenient distractions. They are good propagandists and we are suckers when confronted with the plight of the underdog.  These are dangerous times.  Can we continue to unquestioningly back underdogs, just because?

If you explore the videos that I have posted, you'll be exposed to beautiful women and children with the implied message: don't kill me, it would be cruel. The ploy is effective and we are a just people. However, true peacemakers don't wage war: bullies do.  The world's peacemakers are not moblizing and threatening war, bullies are, and they come from Iran.  Moreover, we have our own women and children.

Who Could Kill a Woman Who Kills?

Who wants to harm innocent women and children? Islam can.  The evidence is abundant. Sharia's roots embrace the cult of cruel male dominance. What about American troops? The American Christian soldier has been conditioned to function in the impossible duel roles of  UN NGO's and national warrior.  One must ask if the confusing process causes them to terminally question themselves and their country.  Abusers, when found in the American military, are punished.  Sharia stands in direct juxtaposition to Christ's call to love one another even as he loved his followers.

The Clintonian Women's Rights View

The Clintons argued the case for progressive (socialist), one-world causes. Militant, anti-Christian Women's causes have always been on the Clinton plate.  Yet, many American women and children, died on 9/11. Have we forgotton?  Are we that stupid or shallow?  Why is the media focusing on "Women's Rights" in Iran, a country whose leadership is dedicated to the overthrow of our government and that of an ally?  Odd, don't you think?

Coming to America: Making Good Use of a Staged, Political Crisis

After enduring many terrorist attacks during the Clinton Administration, 2001, America was  caught off guard, or better stated, put to sleep, and until recently remained so. Significantly, a curious period of vulnerability emerged when Americans and the new Bush administration were distracted by the Clinton administration's deliberate disruption of White House operations as they left.

Americans, if they cared, may have forgotten how Democrats prolonged the Clintonian's distracting dirty deeds.  Congressional Democrats declared war on the new Bush presidency and stonewalled the hearing process. Subsequently, their delay tactics crippled Bush's incoming new administration.  President Bush had not yet been able to establish a fully working administration due to the Democrat's committee delays when September 11, 2001 arrived.  The democrats had created the perfect storm.

Islamo-Terrorists saw a moment of opportunity and used it to declare full-scale warfare. The rest is history. Unfortunately, America's young people are still paying for the Democrat's political misdeeds, as our country's leadership fatally acquiesced to pressure from a leftist one-world agenda.  Unless we are willing to join the Marxist world, America has been, with few exceptions, significantly divided, weakened, and on her own. By the grace of God, a volunteer armed force has been her main protector.

The Obama Administration's Shame

 In 2009, the Army reported 147 suicides last year.  The press has waxed poorly about the Obama administration's indifferent and, yes, inhumane treatment of our fighting men and women.  The socialist left dominated media supports Obama's indifference when they they cover "Iranian Women's issues," while our troops bleed.

Remember the Navy Seals who are being tried on the heresay complaint of an confessed enemy combatant? Or have you forgotten?  The press and the Obama administration want you to forget. The commander-in-chief, President B.H.Obama, selectively ignores  troop sacrifices as he provides outrageous benefits to enemy combatants.  One need not reflect too long on the unimaginable sense of betrayal that his indifference must convey to our troops as they fight with extraordinary strength to maintain morale.

We are a nation at risk and we must be vigilant.  Strange, isn't it, that we are exposed to "human rights" losses within an enemy's borders at a time we are losing our own? How could it come to this?  It was easily done when socialism's one-world  fellow travelers jointly destroyed the governing rails that were meant to keep the Republic whole and on track. The American media acting with the Obama administration et al, have again administered a coup d' etat which bears all the earmarks of the folly of a Marxist revolution.   

Moslem Women's Rights

As we are distracted by "womens issues" in Iran and elsewhere, remember fellow Americans, many of our sons and daughters have died and suffered horrible injuries, not for their countrymen as such, but in the final analysis, they have and are sacrificing for Islam's world-domination goals. That wasn't the original bargain or mission. Americans don't want to be dominated.  

Women as Distractors

As you look at the sweet faces that have been put out there on YouTube to elicit sympathy, remember that Iranian women are well educated true believers.  Look at the facts with clarity as you are exposed to propaganda's self-serving goals.

Islamo-facist Apologists

To those who argue that we are unduly focusing on Islam's radicals: American Marxist, atheist, and Islamo-facist apologists are headed up the wrong, one-way-path when they distract by saying Christians, too, have their "terrorists."  On the contrary,  by default, domestic bullies and terrorists of any stripe lose any claim to Christianity if they belong to any brotherhood which is consumed by hate and violence. It is an oxymoron to claim otherwise.  CF