Monday, January 3, 2011

Romance and Music We Will Never Forget - The Student Prince

By Clotilde Frazier January 2, 2011

Stop and drink in a moment of joyful recollections when our world of hard-core social manipulation becomes unbearable.  Ask: are the operettas' video-snippets below evidence  of the past's phony fluff and let's pretend? All things considered, the answer is a firm, No! 

When Composer, Sigmund Romberg and Lyricist, Dorothy Donnelly, can create soul-stirring songs  to describe the joy, exuberance, and the bitter sweet, we know it is real and eternal. Moreover, and happily, we learn that romance is not the domain of women alone,  Deo gratias.

All who have endured know that emotions emanating  from Romberg's music is very real, and close to many who experienced it in  a time and  circumstance when innocence was protected by the church, the arts, and society. Although short-lived, youthful romantic attraction is  nonetheless real, deep, abiding and worth its attendant pheromone driven pain.  Enjoy, and reflect on what it was that we lost in Mario Lanza's passing. Gaudeamus! Rejoice!

Editor's note: Edmond Purdom passed in 2009.  His lip sync performance of  Mario Lanza's voice was outstanding.

Drink Drink Drink


Mario Lanza lyrics - Drink, Drink, Drink lyrics

Summer Time in Heidelberg



Deep in My Heat Dear


I'll Walk With God

Gaudeamus Igitur


  1. What an absolute delight! Thank you so much for sharing this much over looked, wonderful movie.

  2. Clotile said: My pleasure Artic Thunder. We need song, real song in our lives. Glad you enjoyed it.