Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shades of Corleone! What's Going on Here? A Criminal Enterprise?

I watched the oil tax hearings and listened to Dems, especially Jay Rockefeller (D WV) work over the Oil companies' executives. During another work over, I watched in awe as a congressman blurted that he wanted a deal and named the price - Oppsee, the oil man quickly terminated the faux pas with a nervous laugh saying that he was not prepared to negotiate at the hearings. Uh Huh. I was increasingly aware of two things:

1. High stakes bargaining looks like (criminal) prenuptial negotiations where a legit but corrupt lawyer negotiates a so-called binding deal;

2. This is done using our tax dollars. The president wasn't there, neither was Soros. Nonetheless, their hit men were there to make clear that Corleone-like options were about to be placed on the table. Why say that these negotiations are criminal? Because they don't negotiate within the context of a free society. They are building their own one world government where their own progeny will inherit billions. Forget the poor, suffering masses, who under black or white masters are relegated to the plantations where they can be cheaply controlled.

A question and some thoughts:

Is the American Obama Presidency a criminal enterprise? It resembles one. That which god giveth, god taketh away and back again. When you have a president who behaves as if he is a god, patron, don, king, cartel boss, it is easy to establish servile patronage based on power and its abuse.

Imagine Obama's (?) clear message to the oil companies: "I can cause you untold misery, including the failure of oil drilling sites, below the sea and on land. I can impose laws and taxes at will. Sorry about the bad concrete that I forced to you buy. It’s one of those things. Sorry too about Senator Rockefeller’s (D-WV) heated threats at the hearing. He was verbose and unglued. The gang and I spoke to him."

"Contribute to my campaign,” the prez says, “(which I can now live off) and I will allow you to make ME and my cronies lots of money. The people hate your wealth; hence, they will love me for taking some of it away. If you become energy companies rather than oil companies, I will loosen the ties that bind you (when I feel like it). "

That is how I think the deal went. The hearings were theatre, because the Oil companies were about to get a deal they couldn't refuse.  But first they had to be insulted to keep the folks in line. Are those riggers unionized?  Just asking.

B. H. Obama, god-like dictator-president and the godfather's current favorite son needed to sign the deal along with the other high paid lackies. C-span provided the theatre and everyone is happy.  Send the troops home.  We've been had.  Father Malachi Martin saw this coming: dictator or large business, both are godless.

Signatories (Overt)

Signatory (Covert)

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